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Last Will & Testament Superior Kit


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England, Wales & Northern Ireland - Kit
England, Wales & Northern Ireland - electronic Kit
Scotland - electronic Kit

Product description

  • Lawpack’s Superior Will Kit is lawyer approved and gives you the confidence and the tools to follow the straightforward steps to make a legally valid Will. Template Will Forms are provided along with clear guidance on how to complete the forms. There are no hidden fees or subscription fees. The Lawpack Kits are available by download or by post with FREE delivery. 100% money back guarantee
  • Valid for use in England, Wales, Northern Ireland & Scotland

Last Will & Testament articles:

  • Can I make a joint Will with my partner?
  • How to make sure your Will is legally valid
  • How to protect your children by making a Will
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    Technical Specifications

    Contents of our Superior Will Kit
      • Step-by-step solicitor-approved Guidance Manual on writing a Will
      • Choice of three ready to complete Will forms, for use in England & Wales & Northern Ireland or Scotland
      • Online access to additional Will downloads including: Letter to Executor, Important Document Locator, Important People to Notify, Funeral Wishes and Property Inventory
    • Step-by-step Guidance Manual which covers England and Wales & Northern Ireland (includes separate instructions for Scotland):
      • Why making a Will is important
      • What is intestacy?
      • Who should make a Will?
      • How long is a Will valid?
      • When is it necessary to prepare a new Will?
      • Preparing to make your Will
      • Appointing executors and trustees
      • Naming a guardian for your children
      • Appointing beneficiaries
      • Gifts to children
      • Specific Gifts and legacies
      • The residuary gift
      • Appointing a substitutional residual beneficiary
      • Disposal of property during your lifetime
      • Property that does not pass under your Will
      • Tax considerations in estate planning
      • Witnesses to your Will
      • Signing your Will
      • How to revise your Will
      • What happens when someone dies?
      • Safekeeping of your Will
      • Which Will form should I use?
      • Using the England & Wales or Scotland Will Forms
      • Will Glossary (separate Glossary for Scotland)
    • Template Will Forms – the Kit contains three ready-to-complete Will Forms:
      • Will Form 1 --Simple gift of the remainder of an estate after the deduction of all taxes, debts, expenses and specific bequests
      • Will Form 2 – The remainder of an estate as above is gifted to an Adult but if he/she dies to his/her children
      • Will Form 3 – The remainder of an estate as above is gifted direct to children
      • The Manual contains helpful examples of completed Will forms
    • Additional Templates (can also be downloaded with your registration code)
      • Letter to Executor Template
      • Funeral Wishes Template
      • Important Document Locator and Summary of Personal Information
      • Important People to Notify Template
      • Property Inventory Template
      Choices you will need to make when ordering a Lawpack Will kit
    • FORMAT-The kit is available in 2 formats-
      • Paper Will kit by post –includes loose leaf Will forms
      • ‘Download Now’ Ekit – available to download in one zip file
    • DOMICILE -If you choose a ‘Download Now’ Ekit, two versions are available depending on your domicile. You must choose either:
      • England & Wales & Northern Ireland
      • Scotland


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