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England, Wales & Scotland - eKit
England, Wales & Scotland - Kit

Product Description

A Power of Attorney allows a relative or friend to be able to legally deal with your affairs. Lawpack’s step-by-step Kit helps you to arrange one yourself without solicitor fees. 

Valid in England & Wales or Scotland, this Lawpack Kit shows you how to make: 

  1. A Lasting Power of Attorney (or a Continuing/Welfare Power of Attorney in Scotland), which lets someone make decisions about your property and personal welfare

  2. A General Power (GPA), which allows you to appoint someone to manage your affairs for specific periods or events

Regularly checked and updated by solicitors, our Kit contains clear, step-by-step guidance and includes expert advice on how to complete the forms. 

Expert, jargon-free guidance is given on:

  • The circumstances in which you might use Lasting Powers of Attorney forms, and how to complete them
  • How to make a General Power
  • How to appoint an Attorney, what their duties are, and how long the power remains in force
  • How to make Continuing, General and Welfare Powers of Attorney in Scotland
  • Registering an existing Enduring Power of Attorney if the Donor becomes mentally incapable

Template GPA  forms are provided in both versions of our Kit (paper Kit and downloadable eKit). 

The Lasting Power of Attorney forms are not included in the paper Kit, but easy online access is provided to all the LPA forms. The Lasting Power of Attorney forms, however, are included in our "Download Now" eKit.

The contents of this Kit have been approved by Richard Dew of Ten Old Square, Lincoln’s Inn, under English law and by Neill, Clerk & Murray, solicitors, under Scottish law.

What is a power of attorney?

As the population gets older, many of us find we need to give control of financial and legal matters to others.
And as more and more of us work abroad we find we need to give others the power to act on our behalf in certain matters.
A Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows this to be done.
It could, for example, allow someone to sign cheques and letters for you if you were going abroad for a while.
Or, if you became seriously ill, your business and personal interests could be looked after by someone you trust.

What power of attorney forms are needed?

Lasting Power of Attorney forms - England & Wales

The LPA comes in two versions:

  1. The LPA for financial decisions (LP1F) gives someone the power to make decisions about your property and affairs.
  2. The LPA for health and care decisions (LP1H) gives someone the power to make decisions about your personal welfare. This form only takes effect when you become mentally incapable.

Continuing/Welfare Power of Attorney forms - Scotland

These two power of attorney forms for Scotland deal with financial affairs and personal welfare under Scottish Law.
The WPA only takes effect when you become mentally incapable.

General Power form - England & Wales and Scotland

This is a straightforward GPA form for making a power of attorney in Scotland. It allows you to appoint an Attorney to manage your affairs for specific periods or events (e.g. if you go abroad and need to entrust the management of your business interests to your spouse). Unlike the LPA, this form ceases to take effect if you become mentally incapable.


Make sure it's clear who you trust to handle your affairs with Lawpack's simple-to-complete Kit.

More information on powers of attorney:

  • What do they do?
  • The powers you can give with a LPA
  • How to choose an attorney
  • Why you need a LPA
  • Why should I make a LPA?

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