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Write a Will with our Premium Will Kit - includes all the contents of our best-selling DIY Will Kit plus a solicitor-approved Executor's Guide to help your loved ones with the administration of your estate after your death.

Make a fresh start this year and get your financial affairs in order by making a Will today.

By writing a Will you can plan for the future and ensure that your loved ones are provided for, so you have the peace of mind to be able to live for today.

Making a Will with Lawpack doesn't have to be difficult or expensive.

More than a million people have made a Will easily and in no time at all with Lawpack's best-selling DIY Last Will & Testament Kit; all without the fuss, inconvenience and expense of a trip to a solicitor.

Lawpack has now launched a deluxe version of our DIY Will Kit which not only lets you write a Will but also provides expert advice on what your loved ones should do when they need to settle your estate.

This kit combines our trusted DIY Will Kit with an Executor's Guide, so you have expert guidance - all approved by lawyers - on how to write a Will and what needs to be done after you are gone.

Why you need to make a Will

Thinking about writing your Will can be seen as a depressing and onerous thing to do. Death is something we'd rather not think about. 

But making a Will is one of the most important administrative tasks you can do in your lifetime.

Many people don't want to write a Will as they think that they don't have anything of worth or that it's not important to make a Will as their spouse/partner/children will inherit everything automatically anyway.

But this is not always the case.

If you don't make a Will, the government effectively makes a Will for you and what you wanted to happen may not always occur.

Find out why our outdated intestacy laws mean you should be making a Will now. 

If you die with writing a Will, legally called 'dying intestate', the sorting our of your estate can be an administrative burden for your loved ones and can be a lengthy and difficult process.

Making a legally valid Will is the only effective way to ensure that you protect those that you care about, as it states what you want to happen and makes the process of settling your estate far easier.

By making a Will today you can save your loved ones from the heartache and trouble that can be caused by dying without a Will.

Find out how dying without making a Will can affect those you love.

How to write a Will today

Writing a Will is simple with Lawpack's Make Your Will Kit.

The Kit is regularly checked and updated by barristers and solicitors to ensure that it's legally valid and easy to complete.
Plus there are no hidden costs or expensive legal fees.

Each kit contains comprehensive, clear guidance that walks you through the straight-forward process of writing a Will. Template Will forms are provided, along with advice on how to complete the legal forms and worked examples to help you fill them in.

This kit offers you a quick, economical and legally valid way to make a Will and ensure that your property and savings will go to those you wish.

The legal forms and guidance are continuously checked and approved by Richard Dew of Ten Old Square, Lincoln's Inn, under English law, by Tughans solicitors under the law of Northern Ireland and by Neill, Clerk & Murray, solicitors, under Scottish law.

Plus this kit includes a Product Update Service, where you can keep up to date with any upcoming law changes and download the most recent Will forms.

A guide for your executors

When writing a Will, you must appoint executors in your Will who will settle your estate once you have passed away.

This kit includes guidance on how to appoint them.

But what is expected of your executors? And what administrative duties do that have to undertake?

For some people, being an executor can be a daunting task. But it doesn't have to be.

This kit includes a comprehensive Executor's Guide which you can give to your executors. 

Written by Irwin Mitchell solicitors, our step-by step Executor's Guide explains their duties and the procedures executors must follow, giving them the confidence to do everything they need to do, including:

  • Preparing for their role as an executor
  • Valuing debts and assets
  • Applying for a grant of probate and dealing with all the paperwork
  • Distributing gifts and legacies
  • Dealing with taxation

Our Executor's Guide provides your executors with an overview of the probate process, so they know what to do at every step.

Contents of our Premium Will Kit

  • Step-by-step solicitor-approved Guidance Manual on writing a Will
  • Choice of three ready-to-complete Will forms, for use in England & Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland
  • Comprehensive solicitor-approved Executor's Guide
  • 12 months’ free Will storage - worth £12 
  • Online access to template Will forms for you to download
  • Online access to extra Will downloads including Letter to Executor, Important Document Locator, Important People to Notify, Funeral Wishes and Property Inventory

Give your loved ones the security of knowing that there won't be any legal headaches after your death. Protect them today with our Will Kit.

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