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Employment Saver Pack: Buy our bestselling employee contracts all in one pack and save nearly £5. This Employment Saver Pack contains everything you, as an employer, need in order to prepare employee contracts that comply with the latest legal requirements for your staff. In this Employment Saver Pack - available to 'Download Now' - we've combined our bestselling employee contracts with our Staff Handbook download, so you've got all the necessary documentation you need to hire staff in just one pack. And you can save nearly £5 off the retail price.


The Employment Saver Pack includes a full set of Employment Contracts that you can use again and again as your business expands and new people join. These include:
  1. Full-time / Part-time Employment Contract (RRP £9.99) Some terms and conditions of employment are subject to statutory employment law requirements (e.g. rates of employee pay, working hours, holidays and notice of termination of employment). This template includes all the statutory terms and conditions you need.
  2. Temporary / Fixed-term Employment Contract (RRP £9.99) This template can be easily adapted to suit your needs – whether you're employing staff for a fixed term (or set amount of time) for a specific task contract or for a temporary assignment.
  3. A template Staff Handbook for employees, which you can easily customize to suit your company’s requirements (RRP £19.99) The Staff Handbook covers the following areas:
    • Equal Opportunities Policy
    • Health and Safety Policy
    • Staff Drug and Alcohol Policy
    • Staff Email and Internet Policy
    • Data Protection Policy
    • Maternity, Paternity, Adoption and Parental Leave Policy
    • Staff Flexible Working Policy
    • Staff & Sickness Absence Policy
    • Whistleblowing Policy
    • Disciplinary and Dismissal Procedure
    • Grievance Procedure
    • Redundancy Procedure
  4. Working Time Regulations 48-Hour Opt Out Agreement template (RRP £4.99) To be used if a company wants its employees to formally opt out of the 48-hour work week.
If you bought these documents individually from our website, you would pay £44.96. But if you buy this all-in-one download, you can gets all the forms you need for a discount price of just £39.99.

Solicitor-approved Employment Pack

All the forms in this pack are solicitor-approved. By Melanie Slocombe, employment law solicitor, under English law, and by Neill Clerk & Murray, solicitors, under Scottish law.

Why you need employee contracts

Employee contracts are required by the law: if you expect an individual to be working for you for more than one month, you are legally required to provide a written statement which sets out the main terms and conditions of their employment. An employment contract must be issued within 8 weeks of the employee's start date. Employers: Get it in writing with our Employment Saver Pack today!

Technical Specifications

Self-Employment Kit Contents:
  1. 31-point self-employment checklist
  2. Becoming self-employed? Get it right, from the start
  3. Self-employment self-assessment questionnaire
  4. Where will you work?
  5. The basic rules of self-employment
  6. Choosing a business structure
  7. Business banking arrangements
  8. Business cash flow and budgets
  9. Possible sources of business finance
  10. Should you register for VAT?
  11. Choosing a business name - what to do
  12. Whom should you contact about your business plans?
  13. Business stationery
  14. Office equipment
  15. How to keep business records for VAT and Income Tax
  16. What will your business accountant require in order to prepare accounts for you?
  17. The six steps to successful business financial control
  18. Employing people as a self-employed person
  19. Tax-deductible expenses and your business
  20. Reasons for business failure
  21. Your business and the Inland Revenue: handling enquiries
  22. Understanding you business accounts
  23. Trademarks, copyrights and patents: your business name and business ideas are valuable - protect them
  24. Further self-employment reading
Loose-leaf forms included: Analysis of Cash & Cheques Paid Out - 1 copy Cash Flow Forecast Form - 1 copy Income and Expenditure Account - 1 copy Notice of Particulars of Ownership - 1 copy Free downloads:
  • Break Even Analysis
  • Business Plan Outline
  • Analysis of Cash & Cheques Paid Out
  • Cash Flow Forecast
  • Financial Resource Audit
  • Income and Expenditure Account
  • Marketing Forecast
  • New Product Cash Flow
  • Notice of Particulars of Ownership
  • Organisation Analysis Form
  • Personal Skills Resource Audit Form
  • Profit and Loss Forecast


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