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Get downloadable forms for your paper DIY Kit or paper Form Pack.

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DIY Probate Kit

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  • For probate in England & Wales
  • Expert guidance manual 
  • Access to probate forms
  • Save probate fees

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Power of Attorney

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Solicitor-approved Kit providing access to General and Lasting Power of Attorney forms.

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Executor's Guide

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Find out how to obtain grant of probate and administer an estate with our step by step Executor Guide.

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Mirror Wills

  • Ideal for married couples and partners
  • Expert guidance manual 
  • All content lawyer-approved

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Valid in England, Wales, Scotland
Price: £29.99
ISBN: 9781910143490
Published: 2018

You can make Mirror Wills with Lawpack's simple to follow DIY Mirror Wills Kit.

Step by step we'll show you how easy it is for spouses or partners to make a legally valid Last Will and Testaments, and without the fuss, inconvenience and expense of a trip to a solicitor.

Making a Will doesn't have to be difficult or expensive.
More than a million people have already given themselves peace of mind, and protected their family and friends, by making a legally-valid Will with Lawpack's Last Will and Testament Kit

Our Mirror Wills Kit is designed specifically for spouses or partners who want to leave their property and assets to each other.

‘Mirror Wills’ is the term used for two individual Wills, created by spouses or partners, in which both leave the bulk of their property and assets to each other. 

This Kit  provides advice, information and instructions for a couple to make their own legally valid Mirror Wills, easily and inexpensively.

Completed examples of Wills are provided to help you draft your own.

Expert, jargon-free guidance is given on:

• What intestacy is and why it’s important for couples to make Wills
• Appointing your spouse or partner as executor of your Will
• How to leave your estate to your spouse or partner
• Giving sums of money and specific items to other individuals or charities
• Appointing a guardian to look after your children
• How to deal with ‘digital assets’, held on devices or online  
• Life events after which you should both make new Wills
• Tax considerations in estate planning
• Signing your own Will and having it witnessed correctly
• Storing your own Will safely

Includes two copies of Mirror Will forms for England and Wales, and for Scotland

This Kit provides online access to content updates and useful document templates, including:

• Mirror Will Forms in Microsoft Word
• Important People to Notify
• Funeral Wishes

Our Mirror Wills Kit offers you a quick, economical and legally valid way to make Mirror Wills and ensure that your property and savings will go to those you wish.

The legal Will forms and guidance are approved by  Richard Dew, barrister of Ten Old Square, Lincoln's Inn, under English law, and by  Neill, Clerk & Murray, solicitors, under Scottish law.

Other information:

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Paper Will Kit

Guidance manual contents:

  • How to use this Lawpack
  • Owners of businesses or interests in a business
  • Domicile
  • Why a Will is important
  • What is intestacy?
  • Who should make a Will?
  • How long is a Will valid?
  • When is it necessary to prepare a new Will?
  • Preparing to make your Will
  • Executors and trustees
  • Guardians
  • Beneficiaries
  • Adults
  • Minor children
  • Charity
  • Gifts
  • Specific gifts and pecuniary legacies
  • Digital assets
  • The residuary gift or ‘residue’
  • Disposal of property during your lifetime
  • Property that does not pass under your Will
  • Joint tenancies
  • Other property
  • Tax considerations in estate planning
  • Witnesses to your Wills
  • Signing your Will
  • How to revise your Will
  • Safekeeping of your Will
  • Using the England & Wales Will Form
  • Glossary
  • Completed examples

Loose-leaf Will forms:

For England & Wales and Northern Ireland:

  • Mirror Will Form - 2 copies

For Scotland:

  • Mirror Will Form - 2 copies

Template documents to download:

  • Mirror Will Forms
  • Form of Letter to Executor
  • Funeral Wishes
  • Location of Important Documents and Summary of Personal Information
  • Property Inventory

Instructions on how to download these documents are available in the paper Guidance Manual.

There are three types of Will included in our Will Kit. You should use only one Will form and your choice of form to complete depends on who you wish to receive the residue of your estate.

  1. Form 1 can be used if you want to give the residue of your estate to an adult, and provide for another adult to have the residuary estate instead if the first person fails to survive you by 28 days. This form may also be used to give your residue to a charity.

  2. Form 2 can be used if you want to give the residue of your estate to an adult, and provide for your children to take the residuary estate instead in equal shares if the adult fails to survive you by 28 days.

  3. Form 3 can be used if you want to give the residue of your estate to your children in equal shares in any event.

Lawpack's paper Will pack comes with only one copy of each Will form. But if you purchase the 'Download Now' eKit, you can download the forms onto your computer and use them as many times as you like.

When using our Will pack to write your Will, you and your wife will need to write two separate Wills. Our 'Download' Now' Will eKit includes template Word Will forms which can be downloaded onto your computer and used as many times as you like. 

If you want to make a joint Mirror Will, you can use our Online Will Service or Bespoke Will Service - both provided by leading UK law firm Irwin Mitchell - and the Wills will be mirrored to reflect each other's wishes.

Lawpack's Last Will & Testament eKit is a downloadable version of the mailed Last Will & Testament Kit. Instead of the physical copy being sent out to you in the post, you can download the eKit instantly and save it to your computer.

No, there is no need to have a solicitor make your will “legal”. Your Lawpack Will pack has been prepared by barristers to ensure that it is legally valid. Simply follow the instructions and guidance that are provided with the Kit.

A solicitor does not need to witness your will. Once you have made a will it can be witnessed by friends or anybody else you trust and this act will make your will perfectly legal. The only people who shouldn't be witnesses are the beneficiaries of the will - witnesses can't inherit anything from a will they are witnessing.

If the child is over the age of 18, you can use our Will Form 1 called “Residue to Adult”. If the child is under 18, you currently will not be able to write a Will using our DIY Last Will & Testament Kit.

Yes, included in our Last Will & Testament Kit is Will Form 3, called “Residue direct to children”, where you can leave your estate directly to your children.

If your children are over the age of 18, you can also use Will Form 1, “Simple Gift of Residue” which is appropriate for leaving your estate to adults.

The Guidance Manual included in the Will Kit will outline which form you should use.

Although the Will forms have not changed significantly in the last five years, it is best to buy an updated Kit, as changes are made to the advice given in the Manual by the approving lawyers.

Use the Updates & Downloads section to:

  • Download forms associated with your Kit
  • Keep up to date with the latest law changes




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