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Lawpack, the UK's DIY legal publisher, offers a range of solicitor-approved DIY legal guides, legal kits and legal forms to help you resolve your legal issues and save legal fees.

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Get downloadable forms for your paper DIY Kit or paper Form Pack.

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Last Will and Testament (DIY Will)

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  • Choice of Will form templates
  • Expert guidance manual 
  • All content lawyer-approved

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Tenancy Agreement - Unfurnished

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  • Solicitor approved
  • Guidance notes in the document
  • PDF format
  • Download now

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Last Will and Testament (DIY Will)

Make a legally valid Last Will and Testament with our DIY Will Kit. Solicitor-approved Will forms and guidance.

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Tenancy Agreement - Furnished

Solicitor-approved tenancy agreement template. Form download. For England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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Power of Attorney

Solicitor-approved Kit providing access to General and Lasting Power of Attorney forms.

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Prenuptial Agreement

A solicitor-drafted Prenuptial Agreement template with expert guidance for less than £25. Available to download.

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