Business Letters & Emails Made Easy

David Crosby

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Ready-drafted business letters and emails for every business situation, including hiring and firing staff.

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Business Letters & Emails Made Easy: Ready-drafted business letter and e-mail templates for every business situation. Subjects covered include managing suppliers and customers, hiring and firing staff, debt collection, credit control and more.

An invaluable source of 198 drafted, annotated business letters and e-mails covering a wide range of business situations... so you'll never again have to sit in front of your PC wondering how you should word a letter about a business agreement, write a business email or how to word a business proposal.

Business letters and emails can really help oil the wheels of commerce. But writing business letters and business e-mails can take so long, as you carefully word each paragraph.

Why bother? Business Letters & Emails Made Easy provides your business with ready-made business letter templates and business e-mail templates that you can quickly adapt for every conceivable business situation. Business areas covered in this guide include:

  • Business letters and email templates for managing suppliers
  • Business letters and e-mail templates for managing customers
  • Business letters and email templates for sales and marketing management
  • Business letters and e-mail templates for debt collection and credit control
  • Business letters and email templates for hiring and firing staff
  • Business letters and e-mail templates for banking, insurance and property
  • Business and the community

That's 198 business letters and email templates waiting for you. Go on: take away the headache and time-wasting of business letter writing and e-mail writing. When a typical business letter can cost a business approximately £15 to send out, mostly in the time of the manager composing it, anything that can bring the cost down will make a big difference.

Business Letters & E-mails Made Easy will save you time and money. All the template business letter and email templates in this book mean you can simply adapt (or fill in the blanks) and fire off your business letters or e-mails in no time at all. Each business letter and email is accompanied by a useful commentary, explaining when to use a particular business letter/e-mail template and helping you choose exactly the right turn of phrase for maximum effect or complete clarity.

Business Letters & Emails Made Easy: Because its the "ends" your business should be concentrating on, not the mere "means".

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Business Letters Made Easy Contents:

1. Managing suppliers

  • Quotations
  • Quotations – querying
  • Orders
  • Invoices and statements
  • Requests, enquiries and instructions
  • Negotiating arrangements
  • Errors
  • Making complaints – friendly and firm approaches
  • Making complaints – using a stronger tone

2. Managing customers

  • Giving quotations
  • Responding to enquiries and orders
  • Making apologies
  • Apologies with a hint of grovelling
  • Handling awkward customers
  • Refusing customers
  • Thanking customers
  • Keeping customers informed

3. Sales and marketing management

  • Sales letters that sell
  • Requesting an agency
  • Managing an agent's performance and conduct
  • Handling queries about an agent's commission
  • Notifying agents of changes
  • Managing public relations
  • Dealing with advertising agencies

4. Debt collection and credit control

  • Demands for payment
  • Stronger demands for payment
  • Final demands for payment
  • Granting credit
  • Refusing credit
  • Handling queries and disputes
  • Responding to requests for payment
  • Involving the lawyers

5. Employing people

  • Interviews and offers
  • References
  • Resignations
  • Warnings and dismissal
  • General announcements and notices
  • Notices to individual employees
  • Maternity and other leave
  • Motivating staff
  • Offering congratulations
  • Health and safety
  • Holiday policy
  • Offering sincere condolences

6. Banking, insurance and property

  • Managing an account
  • Loans and overdrafts
  • Insurance
  • Property
  • Finance documentation

7. Business and the community

  • Requests and invitations
  • Declining requests and invitations
  • Objections – making and handling

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Business letter email templates cover image
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