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Employment Law Made Easy


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England, Wales & Scotland - eBook

Product description

Everything an employer needs to know about the latest employment law regulations and what this means for their business and staff. In one easy-read book.

Employment Law Made Easy does exactly what it says. It makes Employment Law easy to understand, to put into practice and to apply to your business. Quickly, and without any fuss. So you can get on with your business.

We usually only think of employment law when it's too late. And we’re in the middle of a rather messy disciplinary situation… Or we’ve placed a recruitment ad but vaguely remember some age discrimination legislation…

But Employment Law is something we all work under in business and it’s so easy to get up to speed.

Employment Law Made Easy will answer all your questions on the latest employment law regulations and how it affects:

  • your recruitment
  • your obligations as an employer
  • your employees' obligations to you
  • your employees with families
  • discrimination at your workplace
  • terminating employment and the disciplinary process for your staff

Few legal regulations change as rapidly as employment law.

Recent developments in employees’ rights have radically altered the legal relationship between employer and employee. Find out what this means for you and your staff.

Employment Law Made Easy gives you an everyman perspective on employment law from an insider expert.

In today’s cultural climate it's increasingly popular to seek legal remedies for violations of employment law. It's vital that every business understands what employment law means for them, and their staff. If you want to learn what simple best practice steps you can take to avoid the courts and adhere to employment law, you should read Employment Law Made Easy… and then you can simply get on with business!

About the Author

Melanie Slocombe is a consultant at Draper Lang solicitors. She is an experienced employment tribunal advocate, and has also brought and defended proceedings in the High Court and in the Court of Appeal. Melanie has advised on corporate transactions and on pan-European human resource issues. Her clients have ranged from large plc organisations to individual senior executives. Melanie is Lawpack's leading employment law author. Her knowledge and expertise, communicated in a clear and concise style, have produced several bestselling employment law titles including our Employment Contracts Kit.

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Technical Specifications

  • Employment Law Made Easy Contents
    1. Recruitment
    • Legal requirements
    • Recruitment guidelines
    • Example Letter 1: Inviting candidate to attend interview
    • Example Letter 2: Rejection before interview 
    • Example Letter 3: Offer of employment 
    • Example Letter 4: Request for reference
    • Example Letter 5: Reference on employee 
    • Example Letter 6: Rejection after interview 
    2. The employment relationship
    • General principles
    • Statutory rights of employees
    • Types of contract of employment
    • Terms of contract
    • Variation of contract
    • Staff Handbook
    • Employees and the self-employed
    • Model employment contract 
    • Model Staff Handbook 
    • Model Opt-Out Agreement 
    • Example Letter 7: Notification to employees being laid off and giving guarantee payments
    • Example Letter 8: Alterations to terms of employment 
    3. Family-friendly rights 
    • Maternity rights
    • Example Letter 9: Acknowledging notification of maternity leave 
    • Adoption rights
    • Parental leave
    • Time off for dependants
    • Example Letter 10: Acknowledging notification of adoption leave 
    • Paternity rights
    • Flexible working
    4. Discrimination 
    • The Protected Characteristics
    • Types of discrimination
    • Exceptions to discrimination
    • Preventing discrimination
    • Dealing with discrimination complaints
    • Equal pay
    5. Termination of employment 
    • Dismissal
    • Other terminations
    • Claims and settlements for termination
    • Flowchart 1: Capability procedures (for responding to an employee’s poor performance)
    • Flowchart 2: Sickness procedures (for responding to an employee’s prolonged absence or frequent short absences) 
    • Flowchart 3: Procedure for dealing with lack of qualifications 
    • Flowchart 4: Misconduct procedures (for breach of the Employer’s Disciplinary Rules) 
    • Flowchart 5: Gross misconduct procedures (for responding to conduct warranting instant dismissal) 
    • Flowchart 6: Redundancy procedures 
    • Example Letter 11: Notice of dismissal (capability) 
    • Example Letter 12: Notice of dismissal (sickness) 
    • Example Letter 13: Notice of redundancy
    • Model settlement agreements:
      • Unfair dismissal 
      • Unfair dismissal (acknowledgement) 
      • Redundancy 
      • Redundancy (acknowledgement) 
    6. Appendix 
    • Useful contacts
    • Tribunals, courts and official bodies


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