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Product description

This book will save you ££s when buying and selling a house!

House Buying, House Selling & Conveyancing offers a step-by-step guide to DIY house buying and DIY house selling, cutting out the expensive middlemen of solicitors and estate agents.

Here's the first myth this book will explode about house buying and house selling: it is in estate agents and conveyancing solicitors interests to make us all believe that only those who have gone through long, expensive and involved legal training can possibly understand the intricacies of house buying, house selling and conveyancing.

Now in its sixth edition, this bestselling book by Joseph Bradshaw, described in The Times as the 'guru of layperson conveyancing' explains just how straightforward the whole process of house buying and selling really is.

House Buying, House Selling & Conveyancing will guide you through the process of selling and buying property (whether houses or flats) inexpensively: by cutting out solicitors and estate agent middlemen.

Not only can you sell and buy a house yourself: you can do it economically and easily.

Don't believe the hype - it really isn't rocket science to sell or buy a house yourself.

The legal side of transferring a house after a house sale from one owner to another is done by filling in simple forms. We'll show you how!

And the money side of house selling (i.e. selling one house to pay for another) is a simple business transaction. We'll talk you through it step-by-simple-step.

House Buying, House Selling & Conveyancing covers everything you need to know about buying a house yourself and selling your own house. 

It covers every area in-depth and in simple laymen terms. Along the way the book is packed with advice and tips on every area of the process such as moneylenders, house contracts and the exchange of contracts, gazumping, gazoffing and gazundering, registered and unregistered properties, and all the insider secrets and tricks of the trade for layperson conveyancers.

If you want to save yourself ££s and buy or sell your house yourself, you need House Buying, House Selling & Conveyancing.

About the Author

Joseph Bradshaw was an estate agent and mortgage broker who came to prominence in the 1980s when, from their garage and kitchen, he and his wife Margaret published a series of his books on DIY conveyancing.

With his unique sense of humour and tub-thumping message to homeowners about doing things themselves, his books gained wide press coverage and sales were phenomenal. Bradshaw's Guide to House Buying Selling and Conveyancing made headlines in newspapers and magazines, ranging from the Financial Times to Gardener's Weekly. Among the many accolades he earned, his favourite was ‘the guru of layperson conveyancing' from the Legal Correspondent of The Times. This new Lawpack edition is an updated version of Joe Bradshaw's original.

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