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Grazing Agreement


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Rural property owner? Do you have land you want to let out for horse grazing? This ‘Download Now’ Grazing Agreement legal form will take away the difficulty of creating a horse grazing contract.

Horse grazing contracts are simple to create with Lawpack’s Horse Grazing Agreement. This grazing contract clearly sets out responsibilities on both sides and helps to avoid any future disputes.

This grazing agreement has been drafted for horse or pony grazing, but this grazing contract can be adapted for non-commercial grazing of other pet-like animals.

If you have a piece of land that you want to let out for a fixed term for grazing in England or Wales, this legally-binding grazing agreement is all you need to put it in writing.

Lawpack’s grazing agreement is a common-law tenancy agreement for a fixed term of up to three years. This grazing contract is for use in situations where the owner of the land rents it out for non-commercial grazing only.

The simple-to-complete grazing agreement sets out the obligations of the tenant and shows clearly how the grazing contract should be completed, creating a legally binding grazing agreement.

Your grazing agreement will cover the important issues, including:

  • Details of the landlord, tenant, rent and payment dates.
  • Location and size of the piece of land, with reference to a plan.
  • Tenants obligations regarding:
    • Maintenance of the pasture: mowing, spraying, ragwort, docks and control of other weeds.
    • Protection of trees, saplings and underwood.
    • Maintenance of the fences, posts, hedges, ditches, etc.
    • Animal welfare, infected animals and poaching.
  • Liability and insurance.
  • Public or private rights of way.
  • Ending the agreement.

How to complete this grazing agreement:

  • Complete the grazing agreement as indicated on the document.
  • Print two copies of your grazing agreement.
  • Have both copies of the grazing agreement signed by you and the tenant, and witnessed.
  • Give one signed copy of the grazing agreement to the tenant.

This Grazing Agreement is drafted by Anthony Gold Solicitors, leading landlord solicitors.

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