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BusinessRunning a Business101 Ways to Grow Your Business Book and eBook

101 Ways to Grow Your Business Book and eBook


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United Kingdom - Book
United Kingdom - eBook

Product description

A business guide packed with top tips and business advice on the little things you can do that make all the difference to business development: 

  • How to please your customers
  • How to improve the sales of your business
  • How to generate long-lasting customer loyalty.

Often it's the small things that get a business noticed – that create a lasting impression, a worthy reputation and a string of loyal customers. And it's these small things that can help you to grow your business.

Weighty business books abound. But business development doesn't have to be complicated, academic or expensive. There are lots of simple, practical ways any business owner can improve their profitability and business profile without having to immerse themselves in heavy textbooks or spend £££s in business consultants or expense.

101 Ways to Grow Your Business is an alternative for those who want to learn about business development without swallowing a business dictionary and without heavy costs.

Hugh Williams, award-winning chartered accountant and business adviser, offers a personal approach to simple ways in which a small business can win over customers and grow their businesses without working all that much harder.

Packed with top tips on improving your business, 101 Ways to Grow Your Business provides practical business advice on the following business topics:

  • Advertising
  • Audits
  • Business plans
  • Client surveys
  • Dealing with complaints
  • Consumer awareness guides
  • Guarantees
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Marketing
  • Promotional mailings
  • Quotes
  • Seminars
  • Vision statements
  • Working with the press
  • Writing small print

Improve your business and profitability with 101 Ways to Grow Your Business today!

About the Author

Hugh Williams is the author of several bestselling Lawpack titles on self-employment and tax, including Working From Home. He is a director of the consultancy Help4Business and a founding partner of HM Williams Chartered Accountants. The firm is recent winner of the prestigious Butterworth Tolley Award for best small to medium UK tax team. It has also won the coveted Daily Telegraph/Energis National Customer Service Award in the small professional and business services category. In 2004, it reached the last three in the national Accountancy Age Awards for the UK’s best small accountancy practice.

Technical Specifications

101 Ways To Grow Your Business contains 101 business tips and business advice including:
  1. Grow you business through Advertising
  2. Grow your business through Audits
  3. Grow your business through Business plans
  4. Grow your business through Client surveys
  5. Grow your business by Dealing with complaints
  6. Grow your business through Consumer awareness guides
  7. Grow your business through Guarantees
  8. Grow your business through Key Performance Indicators
  9. Grow your business through Marketing
  10. Grow your business through Promotional mailings
  11. Grow your business through Quotes
  12. Grow your business through Seminars
  13. Grow your business through Vision statements
  14. Grow your business through Working with the press
  15. Grow your business through Writing small print


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