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Lawpack offers three types of Will:

  1. DIY Will – Lawpack’s Last Will & Testament Kit includes a step-by-step Guidance Manual and a choice of three ready-to-complete Will forms, for use in England & Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland. Our DIY Will Kit is packed with advice, instructions and background information, plus completed examples and worksheets, so you can complete your own Will, easily and inexpensively. All contents are solicitor approved.

  2. Online Will Provided by leading UK law firm Irwin Mitchell. You just need to answer the questions in the easy-to-use will questionnaire and your Will will be automatically created. Irwin Mitchell’s legal team will then review your Will for you and once it’s approved, will post you a copy of your professionally bound Will. Only available for those living in England & Wales.

  3. Bespoke Will If your want the peace of mind of speaking to a Will expert about how you can write your Will or your needs are more complicated, the Irwin Mitchell Bespoke Will Writing Service can help. Irwin Mitchell’s legal team will write your Bespoke Will to reflect your personal wishes. For use in England & Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland.

Irwin Mitchell was founded in 1912. Irwin Mitchell is ranked as one of the largest law firms in the UK and is considered by many in the industry as one of the market leaders in the provision of Will writing services.

The law firm has helped over one million clients with their legal needs and continues to help thousands of people every year who are reassured by dealing with a large, long established law firm.

No, you don’t need to use a solicitor if you don’t want to.

A Will does not have to have been written by a solicitor to be legally valid, but it must be worded appropriately and signed and witnessed correctly.

Lawpack’s DIY Last Will & Testament Will Kit provides you with Will forms and a Guidance Manual, all written by an expert solicitor. The Manual tells you how to fill in the Will forms correctly. It also instructs you how to witness and sign your Will correctly.

The Online Will uses software which automatically completes your Will, based on the questions you answer. The software has been developed by leading law firm Irwin Mitchell. Their legal team check each Will, so you can be assured that your Will accurately reflects your wishes and is appropriately worded.

With the Bespoke Will, Irwin Mitchell’s team of legal professionals writes a Will especially for you, which best suits you and your family. Each Will is reviewed to make sure that it’s accurate and worded to reflect your wishes.

If you use our DIY Last Will & Testament Kit to make your Will, then as long as you follow the instructions in the Guidance Manual correctly AND have signed and witnessed the Will properly, your Will will be legally valid.

If you want the peace of mind of knowing that your Will has been worded correctly and has been checked by a legal professional, then an Online Will is for you.

The will questionnaire automatically compiles a Will for you based on the questions you answer. The service is provided by leading UK law firm Irwin Mitchell using their online system.  

Alternatively, if you have more complex needs or feel you need a little more support when writing your Will, you can use the Irwin Mitchell Bespoke Will Writing Service. This means that Irwin Mitchell’s legal team can write a Bespoke Will especially and specifically for you.

All three of the Will Writing Services include comprehensive instructions for signing and witnessing your Will correctly.

Irwin Mitchell’s Bespoke Will Writing Service is for you if you prefer the extra support and guidance the Bespoke Service provides at a fixed price, so you can be assured that, no matter how much support you need, you won’t face spiraling solicitor fees.

We’ve teamed up with leading UK law firm Irwin Mitchell to provide our customers with a Bespoke Will Service that is easy and convenient to use. Irwin Mitchell has a team of legal professionals dedicated to writing Bespoke Wills and, through their Will Writing Helpline, can provide you with expert advice and guidance throughout the process.

Lawpack offers two other ways you can make a Will:

  1. Our DIY Last Will & Testament Kit, where you can complete template Will forms yourself using expert advice from our Guidance Manual – only £9.99.
  2. Irwin Mitchell’s Online Will Writing Service, where you complete an online Will Interview. Your Will is then automatically generated and checked by an Irwin Mitchell legal professional – from £59.99.

The Bespoke Service offers you the peace of mind of speaking to Irwin Mitchell’s Will writing team and of being guided through the Will making process.

There are some circumstances where the DIY Last Will & Testament Kit and Online Will Service may not suit your needs and you will need more personal, direct support and advice that can only be provided by the Bespoke Will Service. These circumstances include:

  • If you are leaving money to a beneficiary who is disabled or is reliant on means-tested benefits.
  • If you are leaving all or part of your home to someone other than your partner or spouse.
  • If your estate is over the Inheritance Tax threshold (£650,000 for couples; £325,000 for single, divorced or widowed people).
  • If you have assets in another country.
  • If you have unusual assets like trademarks, patents or royalties (from books or music).
  • If you have business assets.

Find out more about making a Bespoke Will with Irwin Mitchell.

  • The Bespoke Will Service is provided by Irwin Mitchell solicitors – a leading UK law firm
  • Every Bespoke Will is prepared to suit your personal circumstances
  • Each Will is checked by Irwin Mitchell’s team of legal professionals
  • A fixed-price service starting at just £129.99
  • Includes access to Irwin Mitchell’s Will Writing Helpline
  • Each Will is professionally bound and posted to you (along with an unbound copy of your Bespoke Will)
  • In addition to a professionally bound Will, you will also receive a complimentary easy-to-follow guide to signing and witnessing your Will

The first thing you need to do when making your Bespoke Will is to tell Irwin Mitchell of the wishes you want to express in your Will. You do this by completing Irwin Mitchell’s Will Writing Instruction Form, which can be downloaded here by pressing the 'Start Now' button.

The Instruction Form is easy to complete and asks basic questions about you, your family, your possessions and what you would like to happen to them after you have died.

The Instruction Form helps Irwin Mitchell to assess the complexity of your estate and is used by the Will Writing team when they are preparing your Will.

If you have any problems with completing your Instruction Form, Irwin Mitchell’s Will Writing Helpline team will assist you in filling it in and outlining your wishes.

Once you have completed Irwin Mitchell’s Will Writing Instruction Form, you need to send it to Irwin Mitchell along with payment. Irwin Mitchell will then contact you to let you know that they have received your instructions, either by email or by letter.

Irwin Mitchell’s legal professionals will then start to prepare your Will and will call you if they need any further information from you to write your Will or if they need to clarify any of the information you have provided.

Irwin Mitchell aims to send you your Will pack within 10 working days of receiving your full and clear instructions. You Will pack will contain:

  • Your bound Will 
  • An unbound copy of your Will 
  • Easy-to-follow instructions on how to sign and witness your Will 
  • Guidance notes regarding when you should change your Will

If, when your completed Instruction Form is reviewed, Irwin Mitchell feels that you could benefit from some specialist advice because you have a complex family situation, you have some unusual assets, or need some specialist tax advice, they will contact you. They will explain the type of advice your situation requires, if there are additional charges and how much they are likely to be.

Find out more about How the Bespoke Will Service works.

You can contact Irwin Mitchell’s legal team through the Will Writing Helpline to discuss your wishes during the Will writing process.

When you receive your Will for approval and signing, it’s important to check that it reflects your wishes and that you haven’t missed anyone out. If you realise that you have forgotten someone or you don’t feel that it's quite right, let Irwin Mitchell know. Your Will will be changed at no extra charge.

IMPORTANT: These changes must be advised to Irwin Mitchell BEFORE you sign your Will. Any requests to change your Will once it has been signed will incur additional costs.

Find out more about How the Bespoke Will Service Works.

Yes, your Will will be prepared and reviewed by leading UK law firm Irwin Mitchell. All of Irwin Mitchell’s Wills are prepared by experienced legal professionals who specialise solely in the drafting of Wills. Your Will is drafted to reflect your personal circumstances and is specific to you and your family situation. Your Will is very specifically worded to accurately reflect your needs and to convey your final wishes. Once your Will is signed and witnessed in accordance with the guidance provided by Irwin Mitchell, then it will be legally binding.

For additional peace of mind, Irwin Mitchell and all other law firms or solicitors in England & Wales are regulated by the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) which means that they have a Code of Practice that they must adhere to.

Mirror Wills are suitable for married couples, cohabiting couples or couples in a civil partnership who have very similar wishes regarding the distribution of their estates.

Mirror Wills are a pair of almost identical Wills; one is a mirror image of the other.

You can make a pair of Mirror Wills easily with Irwin Mitchell’s Online Will service – for only £79.99 – or Irwin Mitchell’s Bespoke Will Writing Service – for a fixed price of £179.99.

If you both have very different wishes, then we would suggest that two Single Wills are a more appropriate choice for you.

Once completed, please send your Will Writing Instruction Form to the following address:

Lawpack Will Writing Service
Irwin Mitchell LLP
Riverside East
2 Millsands
S3 8DT

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