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Managed Divorce & Consent Order

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  • All divorce forms completed and filed at court for you by legal executives
  • Solicitor-drafted Clean Break Order
  • All correspondence, telephone calls and administration included
  • Fixed price of just £299
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Solicitor Managed Divorce

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  • All documents prepared and filed by qualified solicitors
  • Clean break order included
  • All calls and letters included
  • Any amendments included
  • Fixed price of just £399
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Divorcing? You need to make a will...

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Getting divorced or separated? Find out why it's vital that you think about making a will (or remaking your existing will) now.

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DIY Divorce & Consent Order

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  • All divorce forms completed for you, ready for you to file at court 
  • Solicitor-drafted Financial Clean Break Order 
  • Free expert support, 7 days a week
  • Fixed price of just £199

Valid in England, Wales
Price: £199.00
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If you want to save £££s in legal fees when getting divorced and want a solicitor-drafted Financial Consent Order at a fixed price, then the DIY Divorce & Consent Order Service is for you.

You can use the DIY Divorce & Consent Order Service if you’re going through an uncontested divorce and both parties have agreed on financial matters. As you’re in agreement, both you and your (soon to be) ex can make a Consent Order (clean break) to ensure that neither of you can make financial claims against the other in the future.

For the fixed price of just £199, Divorce Online – the largest single divorce service in Europe – provides the completed divorce forms you need and a solicitor-drafted clean break order plus free expert divorce advice and support by telephone and email, so professional divorce advice is only a phone call away.

DIY Divorce Service is Divorce Online’s low cost option for a complete divorce and consent order service. It’s perfect for you if you are getting divorced and are on a tight budget, but need expert guidance on the divorce process and making a clean break.

For less than the cost of one hour’s solicitor fees, you can smoothly arrange your divorce and confirm your financial arrangements.

What is included in the DIY Divorce & Consent Order Service?

Divorce Online will help and guide you through getting divorced. DIY Divorce & Consent Order Service will provide you with the following divorce advice and guidance:

  • All your divorce forms completed for you and reviewed by qualified divorce experts
  • Same day service. All divorce forms delivered the same day (before 5pm)
  • Includes a solicitor-drafted Financial Consent Order
  • Includes an easy-to-follow Guide to Divorce and Clean Break Orders to guide you through the divorce process
  • Includes all the letters you will need to use throughout your divorce
  • Free expert divorce advice and support, 7 days a week, by telephone and email
  • Fast divorce service: this divorce process, on average, takes only 12-16 weeks
  • Over £1 million of professional indemnity insurance cover included for your protection
  • Save over £550 on high-street solicitor fees

The DIY Divorce & Consent Order Service can be completed by email and telephone, and no face-to-face appointments are necessary.

Unlike divorce lawyers, Divorce Online doesn’t charge you by the minute to help you with your divorce and as they provide a fixed price service, it’s in their interests to ensure that your divorce goes quickly and smoothly.

What is not included in the DIY Divorce & Consent Order Service?

The DIY Divorce & Consent Order Service provides all the expert divorce guidance you need to complete your DIY divorce and obtain a court-approved clean break order.

But to keep the Divorce Service at such a low price there are some simple tasks you will need to do yourself to get divorced:

  • Once Divorce Online has sent the completed divorce forms to you, you will have to post the divorce forms to the divorce court.

  • To start the divorce process, you will need to provide your marriage certificate (or Divorce Online can get you a copy, for just £15).

The DIY Divorce & Consent Order Service does not include:

  • Any representation on your behalf at the divorce court, nor will Divorce Online’s advisers place themselves on the divorce court record.

  • The court fees payable – a standard charge (whichever divorce service you choose) of £340 to lodge the divorce petition (paid at the start), £45 to file the consent order (paid at the half-way stage) and £45 to obtain the final decree absolute certificate (paid at the end). This is per case not per person. You will need to pay the court fee directly to the divorce court, unless you qualify for an exemption from court fees because you’re on a low income.

The total cost of your divorce will therefore be £584 compared to typical solicitor's fees of £1,140. A saving of over £550.

Who are Divorce Online?

Founded in 1999, Divorce Online manages 1 in 4 of all divorce petitions filed in England and Wales without a solicitor and 1 in 8 of all divorce petitions filed in England and Wales.

Divorce Online is a corporate member of the Institute of Paralegals and is bound by the Institute's code of conduct, constitution and by-laws.

All of Divorce Online’s senior staff or contractors are solicitors, legal executives or certified paralegals and have all been trained in divorce and family law procedures to a high standard.

All of Divorce Online’s staff and contractors are subject to continuous ongoing legal training and are required to undertake at least 12 hours of training with recognised training providers each year.

Need further advice?

If you want to speak to one of Divorce Online's experts to find out if their services suit your needs, call 01793 211 211 today.

Divorce doesn’t have to be expensive and lengthy. Use the DIY Divorce & Consent Order Service today and you can save £££s in legal fees and get divorced FAST.

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How does the DIY Divorce & Consent Order Service work?

It’s so easy to get the ball rolling and to start getting divorced:

  1. Press the “Start Now” button above and then complete the order form and log in details.

  2. Make a payment via HSBC Secure ePayments

  3. You will receive an email from Divorce Online with a link which will ask you to activate your account. Click this link to activate your account

  4. Log in to your Case Manager, which is an online visual representation of your case and takes you through the standard steps in your case as it proceeds.

  5. Complete Divorce Online’s online questionnaire.

  6. You will receive your completed divorce forms.

Call 01793 211 211 if you want to chat to Divorce Online's experts on how to get started.

The divorce court can make the following financial orders:

Maintenance orders
These order that one spouse should make maintenance, or periodical payments (usually from the husband to the wife). Payments are normally ordered on a weekly or monthly basis. They can be limited to a set period.

Lump sum orders
These order one spouse to make a payment of a lump sum of money to the other. This sum can be of any amount, depending upon the assets of the parties in any particular case. A lump sum can be ordered in addition to maintenance payments, or it can be in final settlement of the financial obligations of the payer.

Transfers of property
The divorce court can order a husband or wife to transfer any property which belongs to that person to the other spouse. This order is often made when the property to be transferred is the spouse's interest in the former matrimonial home. These orders can be made in relation to all forms of property, including tenancies and company shares, for example.

  1. A DIY divorce will save legal fees. These can be considerable. A simple uncontested divorce can cost £1,000 or more and legal fees can become unaffordable in complex cases. Solicitors can charge as much as £150 to £300 an hour for their time, so fees can quickly escalate.
  2. A DIY divorce is usually less adversarial. If you and your spouse are already able to communicate constructively, then introducing solicitors may make that communication more difficult.
  3. Your DIY divorce case may move faster without a solicitor. Your solicitor may be too busy with other cases, causing you needless delays.

If this sounds like what you are looking for then you are right for a DIY Divorce.

If your divorce is straightforward, uncontested (i.e. your spouse is not defending your divorce petition) and you and your spouse are not disputing financial matters or having problems on agreeing on child contact, then you don’t require a solicitor and can do your own DIY divorce.

In England & Wales you must be married for at least a year before you can start a divorce petition. In Scotland you or your spouse must have resided in Scotland for the year preceding the divorce, or consider Scotland your principal place of residence.

No, you would need your spouse’s consent. But if you reside in Scotland, you can divorce automatically as no consent is needed.

Yes, you can still get divorced in England and Wales or Scotland, providing that your spouse is habitually resident in either jurisdiction. The rules of jurisdiction for divorce can be complicated, but you can call Divorce Online and they’ll be happy to advise.

If your spouse doesn’t return the Acknowledgement of Service to the divorce court, you must ask the Court Bailiff to serve your spouse personally with the divorce papers. You need to ask the court for form D89. A fee of £30 is payable to make this application. Alternatively, you can instruct a Process Server. 

If you need help serving a divorce petition on your spouse, you can call Divorce Online and they’ll be happy to assist.

You will need a replacement certified copy of your marriage certificate. Divorce Online can obtain one for you for the one-off fee of £15 or you can obtain a certified copy from the Certificate Services Section of the General Registers Office ( in England & Wales or the General Register Office in Edinburgh, if you’re divorcing in Scotland.

Yes, you can still get divorced here providing that you are habitually resident and have been living here for at least one year.

The rules of jurisdiction for divorce can be complicated, but you can call Divorce Online and they’ll be happy to advise.

You don’t need to, but it’s advisable to do so. If you ignore the financial issues and later remarry, you may lose the right to have the matrimonial financial affairs reviewed by the court. It’s wise to get an agreement on finances and, if appropriate, obtain a 'clean break' Consent Order (not valid in Scotland).

If you have agreed on a financial settlement and want to get it in writing, Divorce Online’s DIY Consent Order Service and Managed Consent Order Service can help.

If you and your spouse can’t agree on the division of assets, then mediation may help.

There is only one basic ground for divorce: the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. But you need to prove irretrievable breakdown by basing your divorce petition on one of the following five causes.

  1. Adultery
  2. Unreasonable behaviour
  3. Desertion (this ground cannot be used in Scotland)
  4. Two-year separation in England and Wales or one-year in Scotland, when the other party consents to a divorce
  5. Five-year separation in England and Wales or two-year in Scotland, in which case no consent is needed

Further information can be found in our article 'What are the grounds for divorce?'.

By getting a ‘Clean Break’ Consent Order in writing, you and your ex-spouse can agree on your financial arrangements and make it legally binding so that neither party can go back to court to ask for more money or assets after you’ve got divorced.

There is always a risk that either you or your spouse can make further claims after the divorce if the court doesn’t make a financial order. So even if you have already divided your assets or have very little assets, it makes sense to make sure that no further claims can be made in the future.

Clean breaks can be used where one spouse is happy to accept a lump-sum payment, instead of extended maintenance payments. This lump sum will be enough to produce the appropriate level of income for either the rest of the receiving party’s expected lifespan or a fixed term of years, depending on the circumstances.

A clean break arrangement is most appropriate for young couples with no dependent children after a relatively short marriage. It’s sometimes less appropriate where there are young children.

Note that Clean Break Consent Orders are not valid in Scotland.

Make a Clean Break Order at a fixed price with Divorce Online’s DIY Consent Order Service and Managed Consent Order Service.

Every divorce case is different, so this will depend on the circumstances of your case. It’s always necessary to get expert legal advice regarding your financial issues when getting divorced.

In England & Wales, when the divorce petition is sent to the divorce court another divorce form - the Statement of Arrangements for the Children - must also be sent regarding the children. You should ideally agree on the Statement of Arrangements for the Children with your spouse before this divorce form is sent to the divorce court, as you must satisfy the court that the arrangements for the children are the best that can be achieved in the circumstances. If you can’t reach agreement with your spouse, you can still go ahead with the divorce proceedings, but you may have to deal with the disagreements you have regarding the children separately.

If you use Divorce Online's Services, they will advise you if this is the case.

If you’re going through an uncontested divorce, no other agencies will be involved. Divorce Online can manage your divorce and the court will process the divorce papers. If children are involved, you may need to contact the Child Support Agency to confirm that the financial responsibilities for the children are met.

No, Divorce Online completes all the necessary divorce forms online, by telephone or email for an uncontested divorce.

  • Divorce Online is the largest single divorce service in Europe.
  • Divorce Online handles 1 in 4 of all divorce petitions filed in England and Wales without a solicitor.
  • Divorce Online handles 1 in 8 of ALL divorce petitions filed in England and Wales.
  • Divorce Online has helped clients deal with more divorces than any divorce company.
  • Divorce Online is the only (non-solicitor) online divorce service to have professional indemnity insurance to protect its customers with £1 million cover.
  • Divorce Online is a corporate member of the Institute of Paralegals and is bound by the Institute's code of conduct, constitution and by-laws.

No. All Divorce Online’s fees are fixed. However, court fees are excluded in the fixed price and range from £340-380.

Once you have completed the Divorce Wizard, your petition will be generated and checked for errors by Divorce Online. It will normally be sent to you within 24 hours of them receiving the data from the wizard.

Once you have completed the order form, you must provide you personal details to Divorce Online by downloading and completing Divorce Online’s easy to use divorce wizard. Once you have submitted your details, your divorce documents will be generated, vetted by Divorce Online’s legal team and sent to you step by step.

The difference is simple. With Divorce Online's DIY Divorce Service their system creates your documents for you and provides guidance, so you can deal with all the administration yourself. With their Managed Divorce Service they also deal with the filing and administration of the case for you.

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