Applying for probate: Completing Form IHT205

When applying for a grant of probate to administer someone’s estate after they have died, you must complete various probate forms and send them to the Probate Registry.

The main probate form to use to apply for probate is a PA1 Probate Application Form. You will also need to complete Form IHT205 if you don’t expect inheritance tax to be due on the estate.

Do you need Form IHT205?

Form IHT205 is used where:

  • the deceased died on or after 1 September 2006; and
  • the gross value of the estate for inheritance tax is less than the inheritance tax threshold (£325,000) or is less than £1,000,000, and there is no inheritance tax to pay because of spouse, civil partner or charity exemption.

Completing Form IHT205 - Probate Application Form - Short Form of Return of Estate Information

In the IHT205 form, the following information is requested:


  • Did the deceased make gifts totalling more than £3,000 per year in the seven years prior to the date of death?
  • Did the deceased make a gift, but continue to benefit from all or part of the gift (e.g. the deceased gifted their home to a child but continued to live in it)?


  • Did the deceased give up the right to benefit from assets held in trust within seven years of the date of death?
  • Did the deceased benefit from assets held in trust?
  • Did the deceased own or benefit from assets held abroad?
  • Did the deceased hold any life assurance policies?
  • Did the deceased’s have any pension policies?
  • What is the gross value of the deceased’s assets including, cash and money held in bank accounts and savings accounts?
  • Did the deceased have any stocks and shares?
  • Did the deceased have any partnership or business interests?
  • Did the deceased have any outstanding debts?

Sending Form IHT205 to the Probate Registry

Once you have completed Form IHT205, along with Form PA1, make copies of all of the probate forms and send them to the Probate Registry. Send the original Will and the deceased’s death certificate along with them.

You should also make copies of the deceased’s Will and death certificate for your own records. If you cannot deliver these documents in person at the Probate Registry, you can send them by registered post.

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Published on: October 26, 2011

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