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Last Will and Testament (DIY Will)

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  • Choice of Will form templates
  • Expert guidance manual 
  • All content lawyer-approved

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Power of Attorney

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Solicitor-approved Kit providing access to General and Lasting Power of Attorney forms.

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DIY Probate Kit

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  • For probate in England & Wales
  • For confirmation in Scotland
  • Expert guidance manual 
  • Access to probate forms
  • Save probate fees

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Living Will / Advance Decision

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  • Solicitor approved
  • Guidance notes on completion
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Worried that one day you will become ill and receive treatment that you don't want?

This "Download Now" Living Will form can help make sure that your medical wishes are respected should you get ill in the future.

This legal form comes in two versions:

  1. A Living Will template, also known legally as an 'Advance Decision', for England & Wales
  2. A Living Will template, also known legally as an 'Advance Directive', for Scotland

What is a Living Will?

If you're concerned that you may become ill in the future, you can fill out this legal form now to determine your wishes and to specify the medical treatments that you don't want to receive.

For example, should you suffer from a terminal illness you can make an Advance Decision or Advance Directive to refuse treatment that will prolong your life.

Alternatively, a Living Will form can be used to refuse a blood transfusion or organ donation on religious reasons.

Advance Decisions or Advance Directives also allow you to make specific requests regarding your treatment. Your wishes may be persuasive, but they will not always be legally binding on the doctors treating you.

What a Living Will form can do

An Advance Decision or Advance Directive will only come into effect if you're unable to convey your wishes because you're mentally or physically incapable to do so.

This Living Will form allows you to appoint someone who the doctors can consult with regarding your health care.

What a Living Will template can't do

Advance Decisions or Advance Directives cannot be used to make non-medical decisions, such as your financial matters (including how your care should be paid for).

In this case, you should use Lawpack's Power of Attorney Kit instead, which contains all the power of attorney forms you need to grant Power of Attorney over your financial affairs.

A Living Will form is not always legally binding. Only refusals of medical treatments or procedures will be binding on medical staff. You cannot use this Living Will template to specify the treatment(s) that you would like to be undertaken.

Solicitor approved Advance Decision and Advance Directive

Available as a "Download Now" PDF document, this Living Will template has been solicitor-approved so you can be assured that it’s legally binding and up to date.

Plus it comes with expert guidance notes showing clearly how to complete and store the form, so you can be confident that you have completed the form correctly.

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