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Taking in a Lodger - An Essential Legal Guide

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All the expert advice you need to rent a room to a lodger, from tax-saving tips to how to comply with the law.

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Lodger Letters

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All the solicitor-approved template letters you need when taking in a lodger and giving them notice to leave.

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Get downloadable forms for your paper DIY Kit or paper Form Pack.

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Lodger Agreement

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If you want to rent out a room, you can protect yourself and your property with this Lodger Agreement.

This “Download Now” Lodgers Agreement (PDF) provides you with all the legal forms and guidance that you need. The agreement is suitable for situations where you are taking a lodger into a house (or flat).

This Lodgers Agreement has been endorsed by the NLA (National Landlords Association) you can be confident that it is the right legal form for you.

A Lodger Agreement is used when a homeowner or a tenant of furnished property wants to rent a room and share common parts of the property (e.g. bathroom, toilet, kitchen and sitting room) with the lodger or lodgers. This agreement can be used by both homeowners and tenants taking in lodgers – but tenants are advised to check that their tenancy agreement does not prevent them from taking in lodgers.

If you want to rent out a room in your flat or house and make use of the government’s tax-free rent allowance under the Rent a Room scheme, the property must be your main or principal home. You can still use this download if the property is not your main home, but you won’t be able to claim the tax-free allowance.

When you download this Lodger Agreement, there is clear guidance on how to fill the legal form in and how to use the agreement with your lodger(s).

Your “Download Now” Lodger Agreement will cover all the important issues, including:

  • Details of the rent amount and frequency of rent payments. 
  • Lodger's obligation to make proportionate contribution to the payment of utility bills. This Lodgers Agreement assumes that payment for bills, etc., will be made on top of the rent payment and will not be inclusive in the rent payment.
  • Deposit amount.
  • Lodger's obligation to keep their room (and shared areas) in good condition.
  • Lodger's obligation to not keep pets.
  • Details of the parts of the property that the lodger can use (e.g. garden, lounge, etc.).
  • Details of the services the landlord will provide (e.g. cleaning, laundry, etc.), if any.
  • The term of the agreement and the possibility of terminating the lodger agreement early.
  • What happens at the end of the agreement.

How to complete this Lodger Agreement

  • Complete the lodgers agreement form using the guidance provided.
  • Print two copies.
  • Have both copies signed by you and your lodger.
  • Give one signed copy to your lodger.

Rent a room with confidence and protection with Lawpack's "Download Now" Lodger Agreement.

Approved by:

  • Anthony Gold Solicitors for England & Wales
  • T C Young Solicitors for Scotland
  • Johns Elliot Solicitors for Northern Ireland


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