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All tenants paying rent weekly must be given a rent book. Solicitor approved.

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How to Avoid Landlord Taxes 2015/16

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How to Avoid Landlord Taxes: over 100 property tax-saving tips and tax avoidance hints for landlords and investors.

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Landlord Saver Pack

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  • Tenancy agreement
  • Rent guarantee agreement
  • Property inventory
  • Section 21 Notice (or Notice to Leave)

All in one download for just £34.99

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Saver Pack
Valid in England, Wales
Price: £34.99
ISBN: 9781909104488
Saver Pack
Valid in Scotland
Price: £34.99
ISBN: 9781909104495

Landlord Saver Pack: Get a tenancy agreement, rent guarantee form, inventory and Section 21 all in one pack.

This Landlord Saver Pack - available to 'Download Now' - contains all the legal forms, tenancy agreements and eviction notices you need to rent your property, without the expense of a solicitor or letting agent. 

Get all the tenancy templates you need in one download. 

Landlord Pack Contents:

The Landlord Saver Pack includes a full set of tenancy form downloads that you can use again and again as your property portfolio expands. These include:

  1. Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement for England & Wales / Private Residential Tenancy Agreement for Scotland

    This tenancy agreement template can be used for a furnished or unfurnished property.

    The tenancy agreement for England & Wales complies with Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme legislation.

    The tenancy agreement for Scotland also includes a Repairing Standard provisions template letter, which must be given to your tenant before the tenancy agreement is signed and dated.

  2. Rent Guarantee Agreement

    If you're worried that your tenants won't be able to pay the rent, you can use this template to guarantee that your tenant's obligations are met by a third party in the event of a default.

  3. Property Inventory

    Whether your property is furnished or not, you need an inventory if you take a deposit from your tenant. Under the Tenancy Deposit Scheme landlords must be able to prove that damage has been caused if they want to claim money from a tenant’s deposit. This form guides you through making a complete inventory that provides proof of the condition of a property at the start of a tenancy.

    • Includes schedule of condition
    • Inventory template form
    • Professionally-drafted

  4. Section 21 Notices for England & Wales / Notice to Leave for Scotland

    The Section 21 Notices can be used to give notice to terminate a tenancy agreement at the end of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) in England or Wales. The Section 21 for England has been updated for the Deregulation Bill 2015 changes that came into effect on 1st October 2015.

        The Notice to Leave download can be used to end a Private Residential Tenancy agreement (PRT) under Scottish Law.


Solicitor-approved Landlord Pack

Agreements and notices in this pack are approved by Anthony Gold Solicitors for England & Wales, and by TC Young Solicitors for Scotland.

They all include expert guidance notes no how to complete the forms.

Landlords: Get your tenancy in writing with our Landlord Saver Pack today!

Landlord Saver Pack contents:

England & Wales

  1. Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement - PDF format

  2. Rent Guarantee Agreement - Word format

  3. Property Inventory - Word format

  4. Section 21 Notice (Wales) - PDF format for use in Wales.

  5. Section 21 Notice (England) - PDF format for use in England.


  1. Private Residential Tenancy Agreement - PDF format

  2. Rent Guarantee Agreement - Word format

  3. Property Inventory - Word format

  4. Notice to Leave - PDF format

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Landlord saver pack image
Saver Packs
Saver Packs are only available to download and are compatible with computers that run Microsoft Windows or MacOs. You can retrieve your Saver Pack from the link provided at the end of the checkout process or in your confirmation email.