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Adam Church

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Full of template landlord letters and expert advice on managing your tenancy.

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Landlords Letters: Effective letters for plugging the communication gap between landlords and their tenants.

Many of the problems that arise between landlords and their tenants are caused by ineffective communication.

Misunderstandings over contractual rights and obligations, for example relating to property inspection and repairs, can result in situations and incidents that produce, at best, a state of ill-feeling on both sides and, at worst, the breakdown of the relationship between a landlord and their tenant.

Letting a tenant know in advance about matters affecting the property and the tenancy can diffuse tension from the start.

This book can help you.

It contains ready-drafted letters for dealing with commonly-occurring tenancy situations.
Clear guidance on when to use each letter and the procedures to follow are included, along with tips and background legal information on tenancy agreements.

Landlords: don't have another problem tenancy. Landlord's Letters can help you to say it legally and in time.

About the Author

Since graduating from university in 1998, Adam Church has worked extensively in the property industry and has offered his property management services through both independent and corporate offices in the South West of England. In addition to his property experience, he has qualifications from the Guild of Letting and Management and the Association of Residential Letting Agents. He now works mainly from his home in Bristol where he writes full time and offers independent advice to private landlords of residential tenancies.

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Landlord's Letters: Contents

  1. Vetting your tenant: tenant verification letters and legal forms
  2. Gaining access to your property: landlord law and property access
  3. Rent arrears: difficult tenants and finance
  4. Responding to your tenant's requests: landlord's duty
  5. Complaints and breach of tenancy: difficult tenants and good landlord practice
  6. Handling notices: legal forms and landlord's letters
  7. Check-out and deposit return: a happy tenancy ending
  8. Utility letters: Landlord's friends
  9. Landlord and tenancy Directory

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