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Rent Book

Approved by Anthony Gold Solicitors

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All tenants paying rent weekly must be given a rent book. Solicitor approved.

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Valid in the UK
Price: £3.99
ISBN: 9781910143629
Published: 2018
20 Pack
Valid in the UK
Price: £39.99
ISBN: 9781909104105
Published: 2018

Lawpack's market-leading Rent Book is the landlord's choice because it has been specially designed to cover all types of letting situations where rent is paid weekly.

Why you must have a rent book

A Rent Book is required by law in England & Wales & Scotland in those tenancy situations where rent is paid on a weekly basis. But it can be useful in all tenancy situations.

In Northern Ireland all landlords must give their tenants a rent book at the start of a tenancy. 

Under the Private Tenancies (Northern Ireland) Order 2006, all landlords must provide their tenants with a form of rent book (also called a Rent Statement) within 28 days after the start date of the tenancy, irrespective of how the rent is paid.

With our Saver Pack you can purchase a bundle of 20 Rent Books for £2.00 each. 

Validity of our rent book

The Lawpack 'all-in-one' Rent Book has been specially prepared for use with all the commonly-occurring types of letting situation and covers:

  • Assured and assured shorthold tenancy agreements in England & Wales
  • Restricted contract lettings in England & Wales
  • Protected or statutory tenancy agreements in England & Wales
  • Private residential tenancies in Scotland - see note below
  • Private tenancies in Northern Ireland
  • Lodger agreements in England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland


New tenancy agreements in Scotland from 1 December 2017

From 1 December 2017, short assured tenancies can no longer be created in Scotland; they have been replaced by private residential tenancy agreements. Rent Books referring to ahort assured tenancies can only be used in Scotland for tenancies created before 1 December 2017.


In short, you can be sure that it covers you.

Solicitor approved

Lawpack's Rent Book has been approved by Anthony Gold Solicitors, for England & Wales, by TC Young Solicitors for Scotland, and by Johns Elliot Solicitors for Northern Ireland..

It includes all the notices and information for tenants that are required by law for each type of letting and has space for 78 entries (i.e.78 weeks - 18 months) in each book. 

Perfect for recording rent due, dates, cash received, arrears and by whom the rent is received.

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