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Rent Increase Notice - Section 13 Notice

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Rent increase notice - section 13 notice

Solicitor-approved rent increase notice for landlords to raise rent. Also known as a Section 13 Notice.

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Landlords: want to raise the rent your tenants pay? Let us show you step-by-step how to make a rent increase on your rental property with our Rent Increase Notice.

This Rent Increase Notice (Section 13) has been approved by Anthony Gold Solicitors, landlord and tenant specialists, so you can be sure it's legally binding and up to date.

It includes the legal forms you need plus expert guidance on how and when to raise the rent.

Landlords often struggle to understand how they can make a rent increase legally, but the rent tenants pay can be increased simply and easily. 

There are two procedures you can follow to raise the rent and all you need for both are included in our Rent Increase Notice (Section 13).

How landlords increase rent

Making a rent increase is a simple process, and if followed correctly, is legally binding for both landlord and tenant.

Landlords cannot increase the rent during the course of the fixed term of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. But after the fixed term of the tenancy agreement has expired (and the tenancy is in the statutory periodic tenancy) there are two simple procedures for the landlord to make a rent increase.

Rent increase agreement

The simplest way to raise the rent is to make a Rent Increase Agreement with your tenant. The rent your tenant pays will then be increased. 

Failing this, you could serve a Section 13 Notice on your tenant to make your rent increase. We include both legal forms and comprehensive guidance on how to raise the rent tenants pay.

Section 13 notice

The key part of the Section 13 is the date that the rent increase comes into force. This date must be at least 12 months after the date the tenant first entered the property and must also be at least 12 months after the last rent increase. It must be at least one month from the date of serving the Section 13 and must be on the day when rent is due to be paid.

Once the tenant receives this Section 13 Notice they can ask the Rent Assessment Committee to review the rent increase. If you have raised the rent in line with other market values, you need not worry about this unduly.

Get all the legal forms you need and expert guidance, so you can raise the rent smoothly and without problems, with Lawpack’s Rent Increase Notice.

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Rent Increase Notice (Section 13) Contents:

  • Section 13 Notice
  • Rent Increase Agreement
  • Solicitor-Approved Guidance Notes

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Rent increase notice - section 13 notice
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