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Taking in a Lodger - An Essential Legal Guide

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All the expert advice you need to rent a room to a lodger, from tax-saving tips to how to comply with the law.

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Lodger Letters

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Lodger Application

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Gives you all you need to collect your potential lodger's details and secure their consent to run some credit checks.

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If you are going to rent a room and take in a lodger, it's important that you do some basic security and credit checks first. This Lodger Application Form gives you all you need to collect your potential lodger's details and secure their consent to run some credit checks.

nla lodger agreement logoThis “Download Now” Lodger Application Form (PDF) is suitable for collecting details and consent for lodgers who you are considering taking into the house (or flat) that you live in.

This Lodger Application Form has been endorsed by the NLA (National Landlords Association)...
so you can be confident that it is the right legal form for you.

If you are thinking of taking in a lodger we strongly advise you to make some basic security and credit checks before you pull out your Lodger Agreement. A Lodger Application Form will allow you to do this. At your first meeting with a prospective lodger you should always have a Lodger Application Form ready (and a receipt book or rent book for any cash holding deposits you may wish to take.

The Lodger Application Form allows you to collect details that you can verify about your new lodger. It allows you to collect:

  • Personal Details and contact numbers/addresses
  • Next of Kin Details and contact numbers/addresses
  • Employment Details and contact numbers/addresses
  • Previous Residential details and contact numbers/addresses
  • Housing Benefit status and Local Authority details
  • Bank details and Evidence of Income
  • Evidence of Identity (National Insurance Number, Passport etc)

Crucially, it also ensures that your would-be lodger has given their consent for you to run a credit check against them (in accordance with the 1988 Data Protection Act).

You should ask your prospective lodger to return this completed Lodger Application Form as soon as possible. We strongly recommend that lodger credit checks are always carried out. You may wish to charge the lodger a fee for this process, in which case you should amend the Lodger Application Form to state this.

For very little cost you can professionally verify your lodger. Given the risk of fraud or bad debt this is a highly recommended security check. Lawpack recommends Rentchecks' Tenant Checking Service, which is affordable, reliable and quick.

You can also conduct some checks yourself. Chase up the Bank, Employer and Previous Landlord references. It’s best to verify all references by telephone as people will often give a more full and frank assessments in conversation than in writing.And remember the 'last but one rule' for Previous Landlords. Whilst the current landlord who may want to see the back of your prospective lodger may opt to give a glowing reference, this won’t be the case with the last but one!

Rent a room with confidence and protection with Lawpack's Lodger Application Form and Lodger Agreement.

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