What is a deed poll?

Change your name by Deed Poll

In the UK there is only one way to change your name officially that works every time. Its to change your name by Deed Poll. 

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Why do I need a deed poll to change my name?

Change your name by Deed Poll

It's the official way to change your name in one easy step. Find out why you need a Deed Poll today.

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Change Your Name Officially By Deed Poll

Martin Jones, solicitor

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With our Deed Poll Kit you can change your name quickly and without fuss from the comfort of your own home.

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Valid in England, Wales, Scotland
Price: £9.99
Edition: First
Published: 2008

You can change your name officially by Deed Poll right now with Lawpack’s Official Deed Poll Kit.

It’s quick. It’s legally valid. And it’s easy. 

The Official Deed Poll Kit is available as a ‘Download Now’ eKit so you can put it to use straight away.

Changing your name officially and in a legally valid way is easy. And don’t let anyone tell you any different. With our Official Deed Poll Kit you can change your name by Deed Poll quickly and without any fuss from the comfort of your own home.

We’ll take you through the whole Official Deed Poll process in seconds. And your name change will be recognised as legally valid by the Passport Office, the DVLA, your bank, your employer and so on.

Our Deed Poll Kit enables an adult to change their name officially. Anyone can change their name without using a Deed Poll, but to change records and official documents, such as a passport or driving licence, an Official Deed Poll is required. The Lawpack Official Deed Poll Kit is straightforward, and takes just moments to complete. It does not need to be endorsed or signed by a solicitor - once completed, printed off and signed, with two witnesses, it is legally valid and takes immediate effect. 

Our Official Deed Poll Kit can used to change forenames or surnames, or both, and is legally valid for use in England & Wales and Scotland. 

Comprehensive Deed Poll and name change guidance is given, alongside a completed Deed Poll example. And we even provide you with a list of the official institutions you should contact about your name change.

What could be easier? 

Change your name officially and legally with Lawpack's Deed Poll Kit now.

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The Deed Poll Kit contains comprehensive guidance on changing your name by Deed Poll, a completed Deed Poll example and a Deed Poll legal form for your completion.

Maybe we should ask why not change your name? Because there are hundreds of different reasons why people change their names officially by Deed Poll. Here are just some.

  • Many people do change their name for no other reason than they fancy it. 
  • A mother may wish all her children to have the same surname. 
  • Others change their name during a divorce, such as a woman reverting to her maiden name.
  • Some simply prefer their middle name to their first name. 
  • Many couples opt for a hyphenated surname (Smith-Jones etc) on marriage or a Civil Partnership. 
  • Transsexuals may wish for a more feminine or masculine name. 
  • Or maybe you’ve always just fancied being known as Long John Silver?

Whatever your reason you can change your name officially using our Change Your Name Officially by Deed Poll Kit.

In order to change your name officially you need to officially change your name. A Deed Poll is the legal form that does this.

For instance, we assume that having changed your name you will want to get all your official documents and official records changed to be in your new name. Things like your UK passport, your bank accounts, your driving license and so on. To do this you will need to be able to provide documentary evidence of your change of name: and this is why you need a Deed Poll.

When changing your name by Deed Poll, you simply write to everyone, enclosing copies of your Deed Poll, and ask that your name is changed to your chosen new name.

Full instructions on what to do to change your name officially are provided with our Deed Poll Kit. Change your name officially now!

A Deed Poll is a legal form. Nothing more, nothing less.

A Deed Poll is a legal form that binds you to a defined course of action. And in this case this course of action is to change your name.

And that is all a Deed Poll is: a legal form to officially change your name.

Strictly speaking ‘Deed Polls’ can be used for other purposes. But in popular usage a Deed Poll simply means a legal form that is used to officially change your name. If you want to get really ‘legal’ you can say that a Deed Poll used to change your name should be called a ‘Deed of Change of Name’. But who cares…

You can use our Deed Poll Kit to officially change your name right now!

With our Deed Poll Kit, you can change just about any name you want... to just about any name you want!

  • You can change your forenames or your family name (or surname). 
  • You can add or remove names. 
  • You can rearrange your existing names and change their order. 

In fact, as long as you are not changing your name with the intention of deceiving someone, you can change your name when you want and how you want.

A Deed Poll must legally contain only three statements that, by signing, you commit to:

  • To stop using your former name
  • To use only your new name and to use your new name at all times
  • To request that all persons use your new name only

You next need to sign the Deed Poll, date the Deed Poll and have your signature on the Deed Poll witnessed. It's as simple as that. In just five minutes you can change your name officially by Deed Poll.

There are some things a Deed Poll cannot change your name on. These are historical records that cannot be changed, simply simply because they are historical records.

So your Deed Poll can't be used to change the name that appears on your birth certificate, marriage certificate, civil partnership certificate, divorce decree absolute certificate or any educational or professional certificates that you hold. In fact, there is no legal circumstance in which the names on these can be changed.

But our Deed Poll Kit will enable you to change your name on your passport, driving license, bank accounts and all other official documents.

You should not change your child’s surname without your spouse’s written consent or a Court Order.

No you do need a solicitor to witness your Deed Poll. 

Just follow the instructions contained in our Deed Poll Kit and your name change will be official and accepted by all official organisations.

Anyone can witness your Deed Poll as long as they are over 18 years old and they know you but are ‘independent’ of you. This simply means they are not related or in a relationship with you. A friend, neighbour or work mate is perfect!

There is no official, central register of name changes in the UK. You do not need to officially register your Deed Poll anywhere.

You may hear of some Deed Polls being ‘enrolled’. This means they are lodged in the Enrolment Books of the Supreme Court of Judicature. This is something of a historical oddity and carries no legal benefit but does carry a hefty expense. If you want to blow some money you can find out more about Deed Polls and the Enrolment Books.

Or you can save your money for something that really matters and change your name officially by Deed Poll by downloading our Deed Poll Kit now.

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