Health and Safety Risk Assessment

Paul Chadder of Henmans Freeth LLP

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  • Risk assessment forms
  • Completed examples
  • Expert guidance manual

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Valid in England, Wales
Price: £15.99
ISBN: 9781907765520
Published: April 2010

Business owner or office manager? This 'Download Now' eKit  will take away the difficulty of creating an health and safety risk assessment for your business.

Assessments for small to medium-sized businesses are simple to create with our eKit.

To ensure a safe workplace, employers must carry out a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks to the health and safety of employees in order to identify hazards, evaluate the extent of risks and take appropriate action.

All employers are required to carry out an health and safety assessment in their workplace, and if they employ five or more people, it must be recorded in writing. Failure to undertake an health & safety risk assessment is a criminal offence.

This eKit can be used in England and Wales and complies with current risk assessment regulations. It's intended for primarily office-based businesses and provides you with guidance and background information to help you understand what is expected of you as an employer:

  • Why health & safety risk assessments are important
  • The legal consequences of not undertaking an assessment
  • What comprises risk assessment forms and who should complete them
  • How to assess degrees of risk in the workplace
  • The five steps to carrying out an assessment
  • When to carry out a new assessment

This eKit includes all the health and safety risk assessment templates you need, with simple-to-follow expert guidance on how to complete the risk assessment forms. It includes a generic risk assessment template form, as well as assessments for specific situations:

  • Work stations
  • Manual handling
  • New or expectant mothers
  • Hazardous substances (COSSH)

This eKit has been written by Paul Chadder of Henmans Freeth LLP, solicitors who specialise in health and safety law.

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Guidance manual contents:

  • Why assessments are important
  • Assessments and the law
  • What are the consequences of not making one?
  • What are they?
  • Who should make tone? 
  • For how long is an assessment valid? 
  • Preparing yourself to make the assessment 
  • How to make an effective assessment 
  • Stage 1: Look for hazards 
  • Stage 2: Assess who may be harmed and how 
  • Stage 3: Consider the risk 
  • Stage 4: Document your findings and implement them 
  • Stage 5: Review the assessment and revise it as necessary 
  • Assessment matrix 
  • Specific risks 
  • Form B: Workstation (VDU) assessment 
  • Form C: Manual handling assessment 
  • Form D: New or expectant mothers assessment 
  • Form E: Hazardous substances assessment

Completed examples:

  • Example Generic Risk Assessment

Risk assessment templates:

  • Generic Risk Assessment Template
  • Workstation (VDU) Risk Assessment Template
  • Manual Handling Risk Assessment Template
  • New or Expectant Mothers Risk Assessment Template
  • COSHH Risk Assessment Template

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Risk assessment kit cover image
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