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Stock Transfer Form

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Solicitor-approved stock transfer form. Easy-to-use share transfer template. Download form with basic guidance notes.

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ISBN: 9781909104679
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Changes on 6 April 2012:

This download changed on 6 April to incorporate the changes introduced by HMRC. A new certificate has been added to the reverse of the stock transfer form, to be completed when a share transfer is 'otherwise' exempt from stamp duty or no chargeable consideration is given for the transfer.

This stock transfer form is one of the legal documents used following the incorporation of a company. It's used to record share transfer in a private company from one shareholder to another.

This stock transfer form download lets you transfer the legal ownership of company shares to somebody else.

Solicitor-approved stock transfer form template

Drafted by solicitors for straightforward completion, this Stock transfer form download,  in a PDF format, includes basic guidance on how to fill the form in.

When to use this stock transfer form download

The Stock Transfer Form is suitable for use when transferring the ownership of shares issued by a company registered in England, Wales or Scotland and includes the following elements:

  • Consideration
  • Company details
  • Share type and value
  • Current shareholders
  • New shareholders
  • Stamp Duty declaration

How to make a share transfer

The typical process for share transfer using a Stock Transfer Form is:

  1. The current shareholder (or their representative) fills in the details of the share transfer on the Stock Transfer Form. The Stock Transfer Form is then given to the new “owner” (who pays any money agreed).
  2. The new share “owner” completes the Stock Transfer Form, including the relevant section on Stamp Duty.
  3. If Stamp Duty is payable, then the new “owner” sends the fee and Stock Transfer Form to the HM Customs and Revenue Stamp Office for stamping.
  4. The new “owner” then forwards the completed (and, if necessary, stamped) Stock Transfer Form and share certificate to the company whose shares are being transferred.
  5. The company then arranges for the directors to authorise the change to the members’ register and issues a share certificate in the new name.

Stock transfer form download legal note:

Any legal form used on or after 13 March 2008 which transfers stock or marketable securities on sale where the amount or value of the consideration is £1,000 or less will be exempt from Stamp Duty. 

The Stamp Office helpline (0845 603 0135) can offer advice on whether or not you need to pay Stamp Duty for your share transfer.

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