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Product Description

Ready-Made Employment Forms and Letters is an invaluable resource for any business.

This book provides nearly 200 "ready-to-use" template employee contracts, employment letters and employment forms that make personnel records simple to administer and compliant with the latest employment law.

Perfect for SMEs, small employers and human resources departments.

eBook Word format

Packed with over 180 ready-to-use employee contracts, employment letters and employment forms, this title is also available in a 'Download 'Now' eBook - in Word format - so you can download the eBook and start using the templates instantly.

Essential employment forms are brought to your fingertips, giving you the protection you need without the inconvenience or cost of hiring a solicitor for employment matters you can easily handle yourself.

Keep up with employment law

As employment law and codes of practice increasingly affect the workplace, good, efficient, personnel record-keeping is essential for any employer, large or small.

There's no quicker or easier way to 'get it in writing' than using Ready-Made Employment Forms and Letters.

It provides nearly 200 essential employment templates that are "ready to use" for all personnel situations from recruitment to the termination of employee contracts.

All 187 templates included are:

  • Approved by Melanie Slocombe, specialist employment law solicitor
  • Include expert guidance notes
  • Show clearly what to insert and where

What is included in Ready-Made Employment Forms and Letters

Ready-made employee contracts, employment letters and employment forms are provided for:

  • Recruitment and Hiring (including advertising, interviewing and references)
  • Employee Introduction and Management (including new employees, personnel management and temporary workers)
  • Employment Terms (including contracts and procedures, payroll and working hours)
  • Employment Benefits and Leave (including expenses, benefits and paid/unpaid leave)
  • Job Performance Evaluation (including disciplinary action, staff evaluation and staff grievances)
  • Termination of Employee Contract (including dismissal, and redundancy)

What better way to legally document your important personnel records, avoid troublesome disputes, enforce your legal rights, comply with legal obligations and avoid liability without the inconvenience or cost of using an employment law solicitor?

Ready-Made Employment Forms and Letters can be used by both non-profit-making and profit-making businesses to document employee turnover, salaries and policies.

It will be particularly useful to time-starved small and medium-sized businesses, which can now easily keep up-to-date, accurate and valuable personnel records.

If you want to just get it done, and then get on with your business, Ready-Made Employment Forms and Letters is the essential book for you.

Technical Specifications

Ready-Made Employment Forms and Letters Contents: Areas covered include: Personnel recruiting and hiring Employee introduction and personnel management Employment terms and contracts Employment benefits and employment leave Staff performance evaluation and grievance procedures Termination of contract, dismissal and redundancy And many more... List of employment templates in this book: Personnel Recruiting and Hiring:- Acknowledgement Letter to Applicant Acknowledges applicant’s response to advertisement for position. Applicant Waiver Certifies the accuracy of an application and acknowledges no guarantee of employment. Application Disclaimer and Acknowledgement Affirms correctness of application and authorises release of information. Application for Employment Detailed record of applicant’s education employment history and skills. Application for Employment: Preliminary A summary of applicant’s employment goals and history. Appointment Rescheduled Letter Notifies applicant of change in appointment date. Authorisation to Release Information Authorises the release of education and employment information. Available Position Notice Lists duties and qualifications for employment opening. Comparison Summary of Applicants Compares the job requirements ratings of three candidates. Confirmation of Employment Confirms acceptance of employment offer with successful candidate. Help Wanted Advertising Listing Records information for placing an advertisement to fill a job opening. Interview Confirmation Confirms date and time of applicant’s scheduled interview. Interview Schedule Lists dates and times of interviews scheduled for various positions. Interview Summary Summarizes an applicant’s impressions on and responses to an interviewer’s questions. Job Bid Records current employee’s interest in another position within company. Medical Records Request Requests the release of medical information. Medical Testing Authorisation Grants authority to perform specific medical tests. No Decision on Recruitment Letter Letter informing applicant of company’s indecision to fill position. Notification to Applicant Letter asking the applicant to telephone the employer to discuss the position available. Rating of Applicant 1 Rates an individual applicant on job requirements. Rating of Applicant 2 Rates an individual’s education, experience, interpersonal and communication skills. Rating of Applicant: Clerical Rates an individual applicant’s office skills. Reference Acknowledgement Letter acknowledging receipt of reference from another company. Reference Request by Applicant A letter requesting an employment reference from a previous employer. Reference Request by Employer Requests employment information from previous employer. Reference by Telephone Checklist Records reference responses to questions regarding a specific applicant. Reference by Telephone Record Records information about employee references given by telephone. Rejection Letter 1 Letter rejecting an applicant. Rejection Letter 2 Letter rejecting an applicant. Rejection Letter 3 Letter rejecting an applicant. Reply to Applicant Negative response to applicant’s inquiry regarding employment opportunities. Transcript Request Requests a copy of examination certificates and attendance record. Verification of Background Verifies the educational and career background of an employee. Verification of Education Verifies an applicant’s education record. Verification of Employment Verifies an applicant’s employment record. Verification of Qualification Verifies an applicant’s licence or registration. Employee Introduction and Personnel Management:- Announcement of New Employee Announces the addition of a new employee. Annual Attendance Record Employee’s annual attendance record. Authorisation of Employment Authorises hiring of personnel. Checklist of New Employee Lists information on employee to be in file before beginning work. Checklist of New Personnel Lists information to be obtained from a new employee. Data of New Employee Records information about a new employee. Drug/Alcohol Screen Testing Consent Gives employee’s permission to be tested for drug and alcohol use. Drug Testing Memo Informs employees of company’s policy prohibiting drug use. Emergency Telephone Numbers Records emergency phone number information from a new employee. Employee File Records an employee’s history with the company. Employment Changes Records any changes in employee’s position and salary. Health Record Records an employee’s illnesses and injuries that affect employment. Information Release Consent Authorises release of employment information. Information Update Requests employees to update information for personnel file. Job Description Describes an employee’s position, function, authority level and scope of work. New Employee Letter 1 Informs a new employee of the date to report to work. New Employee Letter 2 Welcomes a new employee. New Employee Letter 3 Informs a new employee of the date and time to report to work. New Employee Letter 4 Welcomes a new employee and informs him of the date and time to report to work. Orientation Checklist Lists information to be reviewed with new employees. Personnel Activity Report Records the number of employees, salaries and positions during a given period. Personnel Data Change Records changes in an employee’s address, marital status and number of dependents. Personnel Data Sheet Records changes in employee’s salary and position with company. Personnel File Access Log Records access to personnel files. Personnel File Inspection Request Employee form to request inspection of file. Personnel Requirement Projections Projects personnel requirements for a given period. Receipt for Company Property Records company property issued to employee. Receipt for Samples and Documents Records samples and documents issued to employee. Record of Employment Records an employee’s positions with the company. Requisition of Temporary Employment Requests employees for a temporary period. Requisition of Temporary Staff Requests an employee for a temporary period. Suggestion by Employee Records suggestion for improving work conditions. Suggestion Plan 1 Outlines employee suggestion plan. Suggestion Plan 2 Outlines employee suggestion plan. Transfer Request Records employee’s request for transfer. Waiver of Liability Releases company from any liability associated with employee’s participation in company recreational activities. Terms and Contracts:- Confidentiality Agreement Employee agrees to keep information about company and employees confidential. Conflict of Interest Declaration A declaration by an employee that his personal affairs do not conflict with his duty to his employer. Covenants of Employee Employee agrees to be liable for any disclosure of trade secrets or solicitation or promotion of another company similar to employer. Direct Deposit Authorisation Authorises direct deposit of an employee’s pay cheque. Emergency Procedures Describes steps to take in particular emergencies. Employee Contract Agreement with employee outlining standard terms and conditions of employment. Flexitime Schedule Records an employee’s schedule. Independent Contractor’s Agreement Contract for services from an independent contractor. Inventions and Patents Agreement Employee agrees to non-disclosure of company information regarding inventions and patents. Night Work Acceptance Agreement Makes night work a condition of employment with company. Non-Competition Agreement Employee agrees to not compete with employer for a specified period upon termination. Overtime Authorisation Authorises specified overtime for a specified employee. Overtime Report: Departmental Records employees’ overtime hours in a specific department for a specific period. Overtime Report: Individual Records total hours and total salaries for a specific department during a specific payroll period. Overtime Request: Departmental Requests a specific amount of overtime for specified employees. Pay Advice Summarises am employee’s deductions and gross and net pay for a given payroll period.Pay or Grade Change Following Job Evaluation Records salary change resulting from an evaluation. Payroll Change Notice Notifies payroll department of a change in payroll. Payroll for Department Records employees’ regular and overtime hours or wages for a specific department and period. Salary Change Request Records salary increase recommendation. Salary Deduction Authorisation Authorises specific deductions from an employee’s pay cheque. Salary Deduction Direct Deposit Authorisation Authorises direct deposit of a specific payroll deduction. Salary Record Records history of employee’s salary and positions with company. Salary Rise: Letter to Employee A letter to employee informing of increase in salary. Sales Representative Agreement Contract with sales representative outlining terms of contract. Sales Representative Agreement: Change in Terms Changes terms of an existing sales representative agreement. Sales Representative Agreement Extension Extends length of contract by a specified time. Staff Handbook Includes an Equal Opportunities Policy, Health & Safety Policy, Data Protection Policy, Whistleblowing Policy, Dismissal and Disciplinary Rules & Procedure and Grievance Procedure. Terms of Employment Changes Changes or adds provisions to an existing employee contract. Terms of Employment Summary Summarises terms of employment. Time Record: Daily 1 Records employees’ hours for a given day. Time Record: Daily 2 Records an employee’s daily hours over a specified period. Time Sheet: Weekly Records employees’ daily and weekly hours for a given week. Work Schedule: Weekly Establishes employees’ schedules for a given week. Working Time Regulations Opt Out Agreement Agreement whereby employee agrees not to be bound to Working Time Regulations. Employment Benefits and Employment Leave:- Absence Report 1 Department report of employees’ absences. Absence Report 2 Record of employee’s absence. Absence Report 3 Supervisor’s report of employee’s absence. Absence Request Employee’s request to miss work. Absent Believed Sick Letter to Employee A letter to employee on extended absence. Accident Report Records events of an accident. Accrued Benefits Statement Lists type and amount of benefits accrued by specific employee. Benefits Analysis Adds company and employee contribution to a given benefit to determine the total annual cost of the benefit. Benefits List Outlines benefits offered employees. Benefits Planning Checklist Compares current company benefits with competitor’s policy and employee’s preferences, and makes a recommendation. Benefits Survey Seeks employees’ opinions of current company benefits. Disability Certificate Certifies an employee’s disability. Doctor’s Report Certifies that an employee’s absence is medically necessary. Expenses Recovery Agreement Employee agrees to repay company for any disallowed expense deductions for which employee was reimbursed.Funeral Leave Request Employee’s request to miss work for a funeral. Holiday Request Records an employee’s requested holiday dates. Holiday Request Memo Employee’s request to take a specified number of holiday days. Illness Report Records an employee’s illness that affects employment. Injury Report Records an employee’s injury. Leave/Return from Leave Request Record of employee’s reason for absence. Maternity Absent Employee’s Letter to Employer regarding Return to Work A letter from an employee stating intention to return to work. Maternity Leave: Letter from Employer A letter asking an employee about her intentions to return to work after maternity leave. Maternity Leave: Notification to Employer A letter from an employee giving notice of her intention to take maternity leave. Mileage Reimbursement Report Records an employee’s company reimbursable mileage for a given month.Relocation Expense Approval Authorises payment of new employee’s relocation expenses. Sympathy Letter 1 Letter to injured employee. Sympathy Letter 2 Letter to ill employee. Sympathy Letter 3 Letter to injured employee. Sympathy Letter 4 Letter to ill employee. Staff Performance Evaluation and Grievance Procedures:- 30-Day Evaluation Notice Notifies employee of the need to improve his performance or face termination. Coaching Form Outlines employee’s strengths and weaknesses. Commendation Letter Letter commending employee on performance. Complaint Response to Employee A letter requesting an employee follow a formal complaints procedure. Consultation of Employee Records information about a consultation with an employee. Counselling Activity Sheet Records information about a counselling session with employee. Disciplinary Notice Notice to employee of consequences faced if performance isn’t improved. Disciplinary Report Records disciplinary action taken for an employee’s poor performance. Evaluation: Managerial Supervisor’s evaluation of employee as management material. Evaluation: New Employee Supervisor’s evaluation of new employee’s job performance. Evaluation: Production Personnel Evaluation of production personnel. Evaluation: Sales Personnel Evaluation of sales personnel. Evaluation: Standard Standard evaluation form. Evaluation: Temporary Employee Evaluation of temporary employee. Excessive Absenteeism Warning Warns employee of excessive absenteeism. Final Warning Before Dismissal Last disciplinary warning to an employee before dismissal. Final Warning for Lateness Last warning to employee regarding tardiness before dismissal. First Warning for Lateness First written warning to employee regarding tardiness. First Warning Notice First notice to employee regarding need to improve performance. Incident Report Records information about an incident requiring disciplinary action. Late Report Supervisor’s report of employee’s late arrival. Performance Analysis Worksheet Analyses employee’s own job performance. Performance Appraisal Interview Report Records results of an employee’s performance appraisal interview. Performance Checklist Supervisor’s list of employee’s skills and qualities which are being rated. Performance Evaluation Employee job performance evaluation. Performance Improvement Plan Outlines employee’s action to correct performance. Performance Objectives Establishes objectives for performance. Performance Review Shows areas where an employee can improve performance. Rating Response Records employee’s response to supervisor’s evaluation. Second Warning for Lateness Second warning to employee regarding tardiness. Second Warning Notice Second notice to employee regarding need to improve performance. Self-Evaluation Form Employee’s evaluation of his own job performance. Termination of Contracts, Dismissal and Redundancy:- Business Transfer Notification A No Redundancy Notice that employment continues although the company has a new owner. Confidentiality Agreement Notice Notifies a former employee’s current employer of the employee’s confidentiality agreement. Departure Record Provides a record of items to be returned and completed by the terminated employee. Dismissal Letter: Capability Letter to an employee setting out the grounds for dismissal based upon the employee’s sub-standard performance. Dismissal Letter: Intoxication on the Job Notifies employee of his termination because of intoxication on the job. Dismissal Letter: Sickness Letter to an employee setting out the grounds for dismissal based upon the employee’s poor health. Dismissal Procedure: Invitation to Appeal A letter inviting an employee to a meeting to discuss the employee’s appeal regarding dismissal. Dismissal Procedure: First Letter A letter to an employee explaining the reasons why the employer is contemplating dismissal. Dismissal Procedure: Second Letter A letter to an employee confirming the employer’s proposed termination of the employee’s contract. Dismissal Procedure: Third Letter A letter informing an employee of the outcome of the employee’s appeal regarding dismissal. Exit Interview Employee questionnaire regarding termination, for use only where employee has decided to leave voluntarily. General Release Releases employee and company from any liability resulting from employee’s employment with company. Letter to Former Employee who is Using Confidential Information A letter to a former employee threatening legal action unless use of confidential information ceases. Mutual Release Mutually releases employee and company from any liability resulting from employee’s employment with company. Offer of Employment to Avoid Redundancy A letter offering alternative employment instead of redundancy. Redundancy Letter A letter to an employee giving notice of dismissal by way of redundancy. Redundancy Notice A letter notifying an employee of his redundancy and redundancy pay. Reference Refusal Refuses to supply requested information on a former employee. Reference Report Responds to the request for a reference on a former employee. Reference Response Briefly responds to the request for a reference on a former employee. Resignation Employee’s letter of resignation. Retirement Checklist Lists information required for retirement. Settlement Agreement An agreement between employer and employee to settle a dispute. Settlement Agreement: Redundancy An agreement between employer and employee to settle a dispute over redundancy. Termination Checklist Lists information to be completed upon termination.


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