One in five families row over wills

Published by Daniel Jones

The death of a family member is a sad time for anyone, but it is often not helped by the fact that surviving relatives then argue over the contents of the deceased individual's will.

New findings from Slater & Gordon, which surveyed 2,000 UK adults on the matter, show one in five deaths now spark a family war with people fighting over the estate and what is contained within a will.

This means there are millions of people who have been known to argue about who gets to keep items belonging to their late relatives, with cash and property among the most common assets to dispute. The firm even suggested that who keeps the urn of their lost relative is something that many people spend time debating.

Lawyer Keith Etherington said: "Money, property and items of sentimental value are all argued over far too frequently and these disputes have resulted in many families being torn apart with relatives ruining relationships forever.

"What makes these situations so tragic is that this heartache can easily be avoided by making sure all loved ones have an up-to-date will which leaves everyone in no doubt as to their final wishes."

With this in mind, everyone in the UK should think about exactly how they would like their assets to be divided once they pass away and make a will to reflect their wishes. This can be the only way to guarantee that relatives will not fall out in the event of a death.

It is said by Slater & Gordon that a third of all Britons believe one of their family members may have taken more than they were entitled to in a will, while a quarter of people do not agree with the way a will has been allocated.

More than half of those who responded to the company's research also suggested they felt that the more someone does for a friend or relative during their life, the more they should be left in their will.ADNFCR-1645-ID-801632597-ADNFCR

Published on: September 2, 2013

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