Consider online identity when writing a will

Published by Sarah Ashcroft

When it comes to writing a will, Britons will be only too aware of many of the most common items to include - from property to cars, personal possessions and money.

Deciding who to leave assets to can be a confusing time, as people are effectively asked to weigh up the most important people in their life. But the task is set to become even trickier in the coming years, as online accounts and passwords begin to feature more heavily in wills.

Rosemary Caruso from Tindall, Gask and Bentley has spoken to Mornings and is quoted by ABC Local as saying that a number of digital factors are beginning to become more prevalent in modern-day wills.

She advised people these days must think about their digital assets as well as their physical ones, and whether these include access to cherished photographs or certain accounts.

"For younger people and those of us a bit older and have started using this technology, it's something we need to consider when thinking about what assets we're leaving behind," Ms Caruso explained.

She went on to suggest it is important the executor of the will is up to speed with the latest technology, asking: "Do they know the username, do they know the password? As much as we shouldn't write those things down, perhaps they need to be written and stored with our wills.

The point raised by the expert gives Britons something else to think about when preparing to write their will. After all, nobody will want to see their family locked out of their online accounts, particularly if they contain some form of credit or value.

Ensuring a family does not miss out on this could be another factor that drives people towards using a professional legal services company when documenting a will.

Ms Caruso added that even lawyers had not been thinking about digital assets until relatively recently, but they are now something that must be considered carefully.ADNFCR-1645-ID-801612690-ADNFCR


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Published on: July 16, 2013

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