Making a will vital for charities

by Sarah Ashcroft

Charities all over the country rely on income from individuals leaving money to them in their wills, so it is more important than ever people crafting the document keep these organisations in mind.

A vast range of important services are provided by voluntary organisations up and down the UK and many of them would be forced to close down were it not for the kindness of people making wills.

Many leave huge sums of money to a charity that has touched them at some point in their lives and it is generosity such as this that allows such organisations to continue their good work.

Individuals will want to ensure their loved ones are provided for initially, but leaving money to charities in a will can be their way to give something back to society at the end of their life.

Friends and family will often be first in line to receive possessions and assets when people are making a will, but charities are likely to be in consideration to get money as well.

The donations given to voluntary organisations can have a massive impact on their ability to continue to provide support and advice to the most vulnerable people in society.

It may even be the case that the money that is left in a will to a charity directly contributes to lives being saved in the future, which is a wonderful legacy for a person to be able to leave behind.

Charity workers at Oxfam are likely to be celebrating the result of the Wimbledon tennis championships this weekend.

Nick Newlife of Oxford placed a bet on former world number one Roger Federer to win the Wimbledon title seven times back in 2003 and the Swiss star had six championships to his name when he took on Andy Murray on Sunday (July 8th).

Sadly, Mr Newlife passed away, but he left the bet to Oxfam, which is now in line to receive the £100,000 winnings as Federer was successful in his quest for a seventh Wimbledon title this year.

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Published on: July 10, 2012

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