Consider writing a Will before moving abroad

There are several key things that people need to consider before moving overseas, including their Will.

Jennifer Stevens, executive editor at, said that health insurance and personal accounts are both important things to think about before setting up home abroad.

However, tax, property in the UK and how your estate will be divided will also need to be addressed, especially if you do no intend to return to Britain.

Ms Stevens said the best approach to answer the niggling questions is to talk to those who have done it before, as they will know the mistakes you want to avoid.

"What is the best way for you to bank when you are in another country? Do you want to open a bank account over there or do you want to keep your money in your own country and just use ATM cards? … You need to address that issue," she said.

It may not be the most affordable option to ship all of your possessions overseas as selling some things off and purchasing goods in your new place of residence could be cheaper than shipping costs.

However, if you are selling things off, it is wise to consider either making a will, or making the alterations to an existing will when things are fresh in your mind.

Some countries – such as France - will also need you to have a local will as well as your British one, so this is worth finding out.

But, Mr Stevens said that people should not get caught up in the small details when trying to organise a move overseas, as most practical things are easy enough to figure out.

"These are things that maybe people are distracted by and they worry a little bit. People have gone before you is what I always tell people. There are answers to these questions you have, you just have to remember to ask them," she explained.

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Published on: June 12, 2012

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