Begging charities distressing the bereaved

by Sarah Ashcroft

A charity worker has raised concerns about legacy fundraising after he received 58 "begging letters" from various charities following his mother-in-law's death.

Head of finance and administration at Christian Medical Fellowship Marcus Watkins said his mother-in-law took the time to make a will bequeathing £20,000 to specific charities, Third Sector reports.

Between May and July Mr Watkins and his sister-in-law received letters from 58 charities, including Barnardo's, Mencap and Practical Action, asking for money from the deceased woman's estate.

"I feel bombarded by these begging charities, which seem to presume we will ignore her wishes," he told the website.

"They have upset me and my family at a difficult time, and have alienated us to their cause."

Since the news was reported, Barnado's, Mencap, PDSA and Mind have told Third Sector that they are reviewing their approach to legacy fundraising, which may help to avoid future distress to the families of people who are writing a will.

Published on: August 22, 2011

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