Constructing a DIY Will needn't be hard work

by Daniel Jones

Using a DIY will kit to put together a legal document can come with a range of advantages that people may not have previously considered.

Do it yourself wills are especially useful for those who have an uncomplicated estate to be administered after they die, as their wishes can be plainly laid out for an executor to follow.

Making use of one of these products also has the potential to save people time and money, as opposed to going to a solicitor and having them carry out the task for them.

Anyone constructing a DIY will needs to make sure they are clear about what they are doing, particularly as a fault could prove costly to rectify at a later date.

Figures from Skipton Financial Services recently showed that as many as one in five UK adults has requested their inheritance early from their parents to help them during times of financial difficulty.

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Published on: August 18, 2011

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