Writing a will 'often not seen as urgent'

by Daniel Jones

Making a will is something that people do not want to think about, so one good cause is trying to encourage the public to sort out the document sooner rather than later.

St Richard's Hospice in Worcestershire is launching Write a Will month this September, when it will emphasise the importance of having a valid will in place.

"Current figures show that one in three of us dies without leaving a will, leaving potential arguments and financial hardship for our nearest and dearest," commented Tricia Cavell, hospice fundraising director.

She stressed to the Droitwich Advertiser that the hospice will be doing all it can to change the trend and get people to take the time to write a will before it is too late.

Latest research from More Than showed that around 40 per cent of people with pets in the UK will be leaving their animal more money than their friends and family.

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Published on: August 12, 2011

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