Wills 'found dumped' on Doncaster pavement

by Daniel Jones

Consumers may be more tempted to use online wills as it is reported that around 1,000 documents have been dumped outside a company in Doncaster.

Many of the files were wills written at Gainsborough-based Minster Legal Services (MLS), which ceased trading earlier this year, reveals the Law Gazette.

An investigation into the dumping found that MLS had received thousands of pounds from clients for wills and trusts to be drawn up, but they were never actually sent the documents.

The incident was reported to the Society of Will Writers (SWW), which retrieved the paperwork and has so far succeeded in returning some of the files to clients.

SWW director-general Brian McMillan commented: "Four or five years ago, we had to rescue other files that had been abandoned in a barn in Somerset.

"People pay good money in the belief they are going to receive a valid will."

Published on: August 5, 2011

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