Millions make a will to leave money to pets

by Daniel Jones

Many pet owners throughout the UK are deciding to leave their animal money when they make a will, research has shown.

Almost 40 per cent of people will secretly be leaving their pet more cash than their family, More Than found, while over half will keep it a secret.

In 21 per cent of cases, animals will be left the family home and 27 per cent will be left a range of sentimental items, such as their favourite sofa or armchair.

Head of More Than Pet Insurance John Ellenger commented: "Pet owners are naturally concerned about the long-term care of their pets and many are taking the necessary steps to make sure they are provided for in their wills."

When considering their pets' future, many owners identified that they did not want their animal ending up in a rescue centre, so have made arrangements with family and friends for their care.

Published on: August 2, 2011

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