Charities rely on cash left in wills

Charities continue to rely on money left to them when people write a will, an expert says, but this still remains an under-used method of giving cash to good causes.

Ruth Wharram, press officer at the Charities Aid Foundation, noted that almost £2 billion is left to charities in wills every year, but this is only left by around seven per cent of people.

"Ensuring that wishes are clearly laid out and communicated helps to reduce problems when instructions in the will come to be carried out," she explained.

Ms Wharram highlighted that individuals need to make sure their wills are clear enough for their friends and family to understand, as this will help eliminate any disputes at a later stage.

HM Revenue and Customs recently launched a consultation on whether the inheritance tax boundary should be lowered for those leaving at least ten per cent of their estate to charity.

Published on: June 21, 2011

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