Wills help to distribute inheritance correctly

Making a will is important because it's the only way of ensuring that inheritance is distributed according to people's wishes, it has been claimed.

Whether undertaking a DIY will or seeking advice from a professional, the document will ease the strain on loved ones after someone's passing, the Institute of Professional Willwriters claims.

The institute's chairman, Paul Sharpe, explained: "By putting everything in writing, it provides certainty and direction for those that you leave behind.

"This can mean that your estate can be dealt with without professional help – and that saves costs."

However, he noted that securing a grant of probate can prove complicated, particularly if inheritance tax is payable on the estate of the deceased.

Mr Sharpe added that the inheritance tax form is a "monster", which can often require executors to seek expert advice.

However, he noted that there is a wealth of information available, particularly on the internet, for those who want to obtain grant of probate.

Published on: June 3, 2011

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