Make a will when family circumstances change

Family set-ups are often changing for many people throughout the UK, one article has pointed out, which makes it imperative for individuals to write a will.

As the number of divorce cases rises, people need to give greater consideration to how their will should be changed to reflect their new circumstances, the Financial Times emphasised.

Find out more on changes in your life when it's a good time to revise or write a will.

For those who are not on their first marriage, solicitor Gaynor Jackson suggested that there may be children from a previous relationship who need to be provided for when writing a will.

"The issue becomes 'how do I make sure that my spouse is looked after while ensuring that my children eventually get what was mine?'" Ms Jackson highlighted.

Fellow solicitor Simon Leighton recently told the Guardian that it is everyone's responsibility to write a will, as many people wrongly assume their assets will be distributed as they would have wished, which may not be the case if they haven't written a will.

Published on: March 21, 2011

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