Writing a will 'is everyone's responsibility'

The majority of people are aware of the need to write a will, but many will still not actually go ahead and do so, an expert has said.

For some, it is the fear of upsetting family members, while for others, they simply do not want to face up to the reality of death, noted solicitor Simon Leighton.

Many people wrongly assume that their spouse will automatically be entitled to everything if they die, while some believe this will be the case with someone they cohabit with.

Writing a will may seem pointless for some individuals if there is not a specific beneficiary to be named, he told The Guardian, but there are plenty of good causes that would be glad of a legacy.

The Daily Mail recently explained to one reader that after a person has died, their elected enduring power of attorney will no longer have control of their assets.

Published on: March 17, 2011

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