Never too early to discuss making a will

It is never too soon to discuss writing a will, savings group NS&I has said as it reports that many Brits are not talking to their parents about estate planning.

Over a third (36 per cent) of the population with parents still alive do not know if their mother or father have a will or how they plan to distribute their estate.

When asked about why people are not discussing wills with parents, 12 per cent said it is not a priority, while six per cent like to push the conservation back to a later date.

Nine per cent explained that it is their parents who were unwilling to talk about writing a will, while 11 per cent do not like to think about their parents passing away.

Sir Gerry Robinson from the BBC's Can't Take It With You programme said: "In reality, there will never be a good time to bring tricky subject matters like inheritance into conversation, and the longer these discussions are avoided, the more likely it is that unforeseen problems may arise with future financial matters".

It comes after revealed the importance of writing a will by highlighting the £1 billion inheritance tax "waste" that exists in Britain.

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Published on: March 8, 2011

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