Consumers keen to upgrade possessions

Almost everyone (96 per cent) would like to upgrade at least one thing they own into something better, a new poll has found.

The total bill for Britons' aspirations equates to £230 billion, Direct Line found, which could make writing a will even more important than ever.

Findings showed that people want to spend an extra £500 on a watch, £150 on the price of a handbag and would even splash out £3,000 more on a new car.

"It is psychologically healthy to hope, dream, strive and aspire for better things for ourselves and our families; in fact, it is part of the universal human condition," commented behavioural psychologist Donna Dawson.

She pointed out that people must also make sure that their aspirations do not lie beyond their financial means before making any purchase.

Plus it is vital to make sure that your Will is reviewed regularly to include any new expensive items that you purchase.

Find out more on how to leave a gift in your will.

Published on: February 18, 2011

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