Brits leave £84m to charities in wills

British people plan to leave £84 million in their wills to their favourite charities, new research has found. 

It is estimated that three per cent of people will leave more than ten per cent of their money to good causes, AA Legal Services reports.

A few claimed that they would donate everything they had, while nearly a quarter (24 per cent) would bequeath up to ten per cent of their assets.

The total amount of people aiming to donate money after their deaths amounted to 8.4 million, a fifth of the adult UK population.

Interestingly, the most popular charities were those conducting medical research, with over a quarter of people planning to give funds to such causes.

Animals and bird charities came in second place, followed by rescue organisations, religious trusts, welfare trusts and overseas aid groups.

Despite the huge generousity of the public, the site revealed this week that charities are losing out on £800 million because people are unaware of gift aid, a basic tax reclamation service for donations.

Individuals who regularly contribute to charity may want to think ahead and see how their will could benefit their organisation of choice, and make a difference, long after their death.

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Published on: December 16, 2010

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