Will-writing to come under scrutiny on TV

A new television programme is to tackle the issue of writing a will, after recent figures revealed that close to two-thirds of people in the UK have not written a will.

Speaking to This is Money, businessman and programme host Sir Gerry Robinson said that it was easy to avoid writing a will.

He commented: "I don't think that most people had a problem understanding wills and how they worked in principle. They were however quite nervous of them."

According to the finance expert, some of the reasons behind the fear include facing up to possible family dramas around possessions.

Steps to take include thinking of who you would want to give your possession to if you died tomorrow, rather than looking ahead to the future.

Choosing someone to administer your will is vital for peace of mind. It is important that it is someone you trust.

Getting a DIY Will to help you write a will can make it an easier process to manage.

Last year, research from the AA found that nearly one in five people polled by it plan to leave their estate to charity.

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Published on: January 21, 2011

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