Goods in the attic could be worth millions

Homeowners could find that a spring clear-out turns out to be more profitable than they think, a number of recent high-profile cases have been shown.

In an interview with the Mail, the founder of a online valuation service highlighted how many goods previously seen as expensive holiday souvenirs could be worth quite a lot.

Patrick van der Voorst told the paper: "Goods from china, India and Russia have soared in value. These economies are booming, which means investors from those countries have more money to spend. They want to buy back their history."

While it may seem a long shot, a recent case noted by the paper demonstrates how we could all be potentially hoarding millions without realising it.

A Chinese vase that had been insured for £800 in the owner's lifetime was found to be worth some £53 million at auction.

Those who have found expensive goods among their own possessions may want to bequeath them to family in order to be sold in the future.

Alternatively, they may want family members or friends to hold onto the goods as a memento.

The best way to ensure that a gift or possession goes to the right place after death is to make an online will, determining to whom the item will be left and who will benefit from the funds in the event of it being auctioned or sold.

Published on: December 6, 2010

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