Will writers 'making pet care provisions'

For those with children, nominating someone to take care of their young offspring in the event if their death is an essential part of writing a will.

But increasingly, pet owners are making such arrangements, according to Kevin Sherman, a senior relationship advisor at the Public Trust in New Zealand.

He said it is becoming increasingly common for people to include a bequest in their will and testament, naming someone who will inherit their dog or their cat, for example.

"People will come in specifically to change their will if a pet has died or they've got a new one," he explained.

In addition, some pet owners leave sums of money for the future care of their animals, which can act as an incentive for those nominated to take up the responsibility.

Those unable to find a suitable candidate to inherit their pet can make a request in their will to leave them to an animal charity such as the RSPCA.

Posted by Christopher Evans

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Published on: September 28, 2010

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