Importance of writing a will highlighted

A financial journalist has said that writing a will is one of the most important tasks Britons should make sure they complete.

Ruth Jackson, a personal finance writer at Money Week, said that writing a will is necessary in order to ensure people's estates are divided according to their own wishes.

"If you have children, it is also the document that lays out how you hope they will be provided and cared for in your absence," she explained.

Ms Jackson added that the process is not as complicated as is perceived and that it can actually cost very little to seek advice on the issue.

"It is vital stuff. And that is why it is shocking that around two-thirds of parents with children under 18 haven't actually got around to writing a will," she commented.

The government recommends that people should think about what they would like included in their will before writing a will or approaching a solicitor.

Money, property, the age of any children and executors are some of the issues Britons must consider.

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Published on: April 22, 2010

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