All parents 'need a will'

It is important that parents write a will so that they can determine who looks after their children should they die suddenly.

This is the suggestion of a new KIAH article, which states that wills "are not just for the rich and famous".

Mary Magolis, a financial planner from the US, was quoted by the news provider as saying one of the main reasons why people do not consider writing a will is because "dealing with our own mortality is very difficult".

Further issues can also arise when it comes to deciding who should be the guardians of any children if both parents die at the same time.

"Sometimes that's a stumbling block," she remarked, although she warned that it is important for people to specify who they would like to look after their kids so that the decision is not left up to a judge.

The importance of writing a will was recently expressed by, which stated that everybody should have one.

Written by Christopher Evans

Published on: July 6, 2009

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