Michael Jackson's death a lesson to make a will

The death of Michael Jackson and the current wranglings over his estate should serve as a lesson to those who have yet to write a will, experts have stated.

Citing legal professionals, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel newspaper said some are urging people to view the case as a "cautionary tale" about what can happen when a single, clear and finalised will has not been drawn up.

The publication spoke specifically about cases where children are involved, suggesting it is important that parents designate the person they trust the most to look after their offspring and assets should they die.

Law professor Bob Jarvis of Nova Southeastern University was quoted by the paper as saying: "You really do yourself and your loved ones a big favour if you plan this out ahead of time ... you have to be prepared."

Rumours have circulated that Jackson left more than one will, which has led to some confusion over what might be done with his estate.

Written by Rachel Crook

Published on: July 6, 2009

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