Expert emphasises importance of wills

Writing a will can mean that there is a record that can help trace money long after the inheritance has been paid out, it has been stated.

Such a point was made by Heather Taylor from accountancy firm Grant Thornton, answering a legal and financial query from a reader in the Daily Mail.

The reader explained that a situation had arisen where his wife and her father had died in quick succession six years ago and he had inherited and invested the money, only to now find HM Revenue & Customs is querying the origin of the money, suggesting it could have been business earnings.

Ms Taylor said evidence from the wills in question should help back up the facts about where the money came from.

Those keen to make a will but not spend the money hiring solicitors can write a DIY will.

Last week said everybody should write a will, even if they are not particularly wealthy.

Written by Christopher Evans

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Published on: June 8, 2009

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