Wills 'not just for wealthy'

Even those who do not have a lot of assets should look to write a will, it has been stated.

It is important to ensure that whatever wealth and possessions do exist are disposed of according to one's wishes, ecomparison.co.uk has commented.

The portal remarked that this is so "even if there is nothing more than items of sentimental value", as there will be a large potential saving of time and legal fees.

It also warned that without a will, much of the property of the deceased will become the property of the state, rather than passing on to loved ones.

Those keen to make a will and save legal costs themselves can write a DIY will.

New legislation that could affect wills may be introduced via the House of Lords.

Lord Falconer is attempting to introduce an amendment to the coroners and justice bill to ensure those who travel abroad to help people die in assisted suicides in countries such as Switzerland - where the practice is legal - should be immune from prosecution in the UK.

Written by Rachel Crook

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Published on: June 4, 2009

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