New law may make will making more important

Proposed new laws to simplify inheritance in Scotland could end up with the wrong person getting the money in spite of the intentions of the deceased.

Cases where there is no will written and somebody dies will see any surviving spouse or civil partner gain the full estate under plans by the Scottish Law Commission (SLC).

The Scottish government will decide whether to legislate to adopt the new proposals, but if it does it would mean that anyone wishing for a different outcome from what the new law would ensure must write a will to state how they want their assets to be split.

Those keen to write a will can pick up a pack on how to do it without the need for a lawyer.

Responding to the proposals, Scottish National Party spokesman Rob Gibson MSP said: "I am pleased that the SLC has decided to make the rules in its proposals as simple as possible."

Written by Christopher Evans

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Published on: April 16, 2009

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